Donny Epstein

February 26th, 2024

Denver, CO

Many of you may have already experienced the 12 Stages previously and found how it walks you from the depth of suffering through polarity to claiming a new You playing a bigger game to everything between that and the highest levels of the spiritual experience. Experiencing the energy that runs the whole world and of love and connection.

Donny will be offering that, and new types of experiences where he will  discuss with participants their life, and collectively you will be co-experiencing each of these stages.

Donny will create a new experience of connection to others for you.
Connection in your relationship and intimacy, in your business and finances, your health and body sense, and connection with creating an impact for humanity. 

There’s a rhythm that runs everything. A rhythm in each of the stages that takes you on a new path with a destination you were always seeking for. Donny will support you taking a jump to hoops you’ve never thought you could do before because you will experience the value of the energy there and what’s on the other side.

Donny will be discussing statements, declarations you make that take you through the consciousness of the stages.

You will be practicing exercises individually and collectively that will take you through the body’s experience of breath, movement, and energy.

You will be doing so many stages not for your body but for the world.
The change has to happen. Know the reason WHY and how it will affect you and others.

Join Donny for a novel and profound exploration of the Energetics of healing and living that will be presented as the grand finale of our HealingFest celebration!


You need it, we need it, the world needs it, politics needs it, the economy needs it. . . and You will have the keys to it with Donny at The 12 Stages Experience!