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  • Profile: I was a busy young wife and mother with two children when I woke up one morning with sharp, paralyzing pain, a sudden condition that I thought would destroy my life. Instead, it became my greatest gift. It led to my healing without surgery and gave me a chance to reorganize and overcome the physical and emotional abuse of ancestral trauma. These experiences inspired me to become a healer and ultimately to write the story in my award-winning book, Beverly Hills Concentration Camp.

    Working as a healer, I encountered a new block in my body: I began noticing chest pressure so intense it felt like my heart chakra was going to explode. The solutions came in an AlchemE study session, where I discovered success, failure, and masculine energy were linked together inside my body near my heart. I was guided to separate these related emotional triggers from each other, and I now experience my life, relationships, and successes, with greater joy.

    It can be virtually effortless to be creative and successful and have a great relationship with your family, no matter what happened in the past. We can accomplish these goals together with AlchemE: the conscious use of energy and information to be extraordinary. We are all loved, connected, and supported by something bigger as we communicate with creator, spirit, God, our higher selves, guides, angels, ancestors, animal guides, and more.

    I am Randi Maggid and as an AlchemE mentor, healer, and vibrational shaman, I feel your soul's essence, and I see you free. Helping others is my gift and passion. In addition to energetic mentoring, I use natural tools, ceremonies, Breathwork, and other methods to implement your breakthrough.

    I look forward to guiding you to a life with more joy and purpose. Randi Maggid holds an MSM in Business, a BA in Journalism, and is a certified Healing Breathwork practitioner. She has done in-depth study of shamanism of the Andes, North America, Nigeria, and other traditions. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.
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