Richelle Knowles invites YOU to participate in this unique, super energy rich Awaken Care Experience!

This collaborative Awaken Care learning experience is designed for Chiropractor Seekers who recognize that humanity is at the edge of the largest change in the human experience. They seek to know and engage higher order physiology and biological entrainment to larger fields of possibilities, and new emerging properties of the central nervous system.

Experience the differential between Energy Rich and Super Rich which transcends just the motor strategies of Awaken Care. Experience and understand quantum entanglement.

You will find out more about the transpersonal, or awakened state as a biological reward for unprecedented levels of efficiency of the information and energy systems of the individual and its impact upon the EpiField between individuals. Experience what beingness and coherence mean through a variety of lenses, and their impact upon clinical applications and outcomes! AWAKEN new possibilities in the care you provide and the lives you touch! AWAKEN that which you know, and the world awaits…

Awaken Care Experience

October 20-23, 2022  –  Broomfield, Colorado