Awaken Care Experience – Statement of Understanding

I understand that the Awaken Care Experience has been exclusively formatted for my fellow participants and me. In consideration of my participation in this learning experience presented by EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC, I hereby release EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC, their directors, agents, assistants, volunteers and employees from any liability whatsoever related to my participation in the learning experience.

I understand and agree that the learning experience will include physical contact between myself, the instructors, other facilitators and other participants. Any physical contact that I have with the before mentioned individuals, will be both voluntary and non-intrusive, and is for the purpose of the experiential practice of learning NetworkSpinal® care, and will not include a complete physical, emotional and social evaluation. My participation in this educational process and learning experience constitutes my agreement to this physical contact.

So that the work together at this learning experience can develop and flow freely, I agree that what we learn and the topics discussed this weekend will not be taught to others without express permission from EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC. I may utilize all learned refinements I gain this weekend in my clinical practice. I will treat everything taught this weekend as proprietary information of Donald Epstein and EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC. My participation represents my agreement to these conditions.

I understand that portions of the learning experience may be recorded through photo, video and/or audio and I agree to allow EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC and its agents to use photos/video/audio taken of me for educational, commercial, marketing, and public relations purposes. Any and all of said reproductions are the exclusive property of EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC and EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC is the exclusive copyright owner in perpetuity. I shall have no claim, right or interest, including any right of publicity, to any of these reproductions and my signature hereto grants permission to EpiEnergetics Institute, LLC to use any of said reproductions in any responsible manner, including, but not limited to: publications, advertisements, web sites, and/or commercial products.

I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding any aspect of this release, or withdraw from this learning experience with a full refund, and that I completely and fully understand the information included in this Statement of Understanding and agree to participate in the learning experience with the intent described above.