Dear AWE Participants,

President Trump’s statement about travel restrictions between Europe and the USA has created involuntary change for many people. This, and the newest advisory about limiting travel to what is essential has brought up major questions about the event scheduled for tomorrow. At this time what is essential still remains left to us to freely decide.

Given the current political/cultural climate we have also had decisions to make. After careful consideration we have decided to continue to move forward in service to all of you who will be joining us at Awakening With Epstein.

If you are in a category that can be considered high risk, or are concerned about your state of health, you still have the ability to make this choice as to what is essential to you.

At this time if you are not feeling well, please allow yourself to stay home and rest. Your payment for the program will be credited.

For those of you who are joining us, who wish to increase your energetic resources, your adaptability and enjoy an extraordinary weekend in community at this gathering, we will do everything we can to support your wellbeing.

Together, whether you are with us in AWE or with us at home, let’s make excitement, joy, grace and the vision for a more coherent and energized world be the new pandemic!


Donny and Jackie