Donny Shares About the Impact of Your Rays in Creating Your Reality

Experience MORE, Know MORE, Feel MORE, BE MORE

February 13-20, 2021 – Denver, CO

This is the profound, intimate bootcamp for Seekers who must experience and understand the energetic signature that dictates their experience of reality and conscious manifestation. For Seekers who wish to be the Exchange that is possible for this next tier of humanity, ULTIMATUM continues beyond the AWE program with increasingly refined table sessions and a deepening level of learning. You will get to know your optimal EpiLiving sustainable personalized strategies. Spend morning ‘til late night personally with Donny Epstein.

Our week together features raw, real, and beautiful talks, interactive processes with Donny, and further exploration of your personal energetic strategies and nature in your own “pod” group of fellow attendees. You will develop personal experience with the second tier of consciousness in a unique process and experience shift in your reality. This program is a play-full-out, live-full-out week that shatters any concept that life is happening to you. Instead you understand how you are guided, why your life has been exactly the way it has, and the magic you can now access for you and for all of humanity.