Energetic Influencers seek to bring energy to your self organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. All of the major spiritual traditions have written and spoken about wisdoms that create the capacity for survival, emotions, thought, and your spiritual connection to one another and the world. In these short videos, you’ll find the secrets of Creation’s Codes™ for your life in these uncertain times.

Energetic Influencer #3


Here I share about the third of the 6 Energetic Influencers in the various EpiEnergetics® applications …


The Energetic Influencers are means of providing enough energy for each of your 6 Energetic Intelligences. These Intelligences require energy to organize your body, emotions, mind, spirit, your “field” between you and others and your ability to manifest in your life.

Each of my EpiEnergetics methods consider and address a fuller expression of these organizing wisdoms. Below is a list of some of these methods and how the Energetic Influencers are impacted and enlivened.



The Thinker is a doorway to higher order functioning of the spine and central nervous system. Through a greater capacity for focused attention and an ability beyond automatic conditioned thinking and acting, we develop the capacity to both experience and begin to question and rise above unconscious cultural conditioning.

Spinal entrainment contacts are applied slightly deeper and with a rolling motion of the finger to initiate the Network wave with patients/practice members either face down on the adjusting table or on their sides. Specific Spinal Gateways (access points for reorganization and EpiHealing® ) begin to rock in a coordinated fashion. This creates an information field associated with thoughts that shape what is and is not acceptable to be liked or be pleasing. The Thinker creates a ‘me’ who with more energy can establish boundaries and rules that allow one to make choices.  Potentiating the Lower Mental Energetic Intelligences is a central focus for The Thinker.  Now The Thinker can focus more effectively upon one thing at a time, beyond immediate emotional reactions, providing for greater adaptability and personal choice, and for fitting into the culture in new more constructive ways. With this newly available lower or conditioned thought energy The Thinker allows one to initially seek comfort and safety within a group in a healthy way. Subsequently, one is enabled to question one’s roles, and with heightened curiosity can make more empowered choices. Thoughts and choices are linked to spinal, postural and muscular movements. These begin to transform.

As the Network wave passes through the spine at a deeper level, it suspends withheld information and conditioning represented as tension and defense strategies holding one back in life. As a consequence of ensuing greater integration and an accompanying stress busting effect, more options and a greater capacity for more energized choices, actions and changes in structure and life are available.

With a more resourced Thinker the ability to think more clearly, act with more courage and assurance and begin personal and spinal transformation becomes more natural and effortless.


12 Stages of Healing
The Thinker is influenced through Stage 3, (Stuck in a perspective or way), Stage 4 (Playing Bigger) and Stage 5 (Merging Through the Illusions). The Thinker is fueled by experiences such as being stuck in a perspective, stifled in self expression, held back, reclaiming one’s power after playing too small, or merging past the illusions of roles and conditioning to choose what is real.

The conscious integration of breath, energy and motion for each of these stages with the awareness of the body (SRI) or the field for humanity (EpiIntgrate ), provides for the experience of the consciousness for oneself or towards humanity’s expression the memes of these stages.


EpiExchange (EpiX)
The Thinker is energized by the development and conscious awareness of the Lower Third Energetic House that occurs at Donny Epstein’s EpiExchange Experiences such as AWE and ULTIMATUM. This provides for free and instantly available energy to fulfill the needs of the Lower Mental Energetic Intelligence. With the Thinker fueled by free energy, there is a greater availability of focused and efficient thoughts, more empowered choices, and the experience of a “me” effectively thinking and choosing. When linked to the higher Influencers, thoughts will focus upon, be inspired by and serve the needs of one’s calling and that of the WE.


AlchemE® and AlchemE® Mentor

The Thinker is fueled by the conscious awareness of its energy availability and location in the energy grid around the body achieved through AlchemE practice. Knowing and experiencing the grid location of The Thinker, its associated roles such as husband, wife, father, mother, son, teacher, student, etc. can instantly transform and enhance one’s relationship with others through an energized EpiField (the energy and information field we share). The conscious use of energy consistent with one’s energetic nature, as compared to habitual nature, fuels our thoughts, roles, social interactions, interpersonal and life skills. More resourceful outcomes for ourselves, others and humanity ensue.