Energetic Influencers seek to bring energy to your self organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. All of the major spiritual traditions have written and spoken about wisdoms that create the capacity for survival, emotions, thought, and your spiritual connection to one another and the world. In these short videos, you’ll find the secrets of Creation’s Codes™ for your life in these uncertain times.

Energetic Influencer #5


Here I share about the fifth of the 6 Energetic Influencers in the various EpiEnergetics® applications …


The Energetic Influencers are means of providing enough energy for each of your 6 Energetic Intelligences. These Intelligences require energy to organize your body, emotions, mind, spirit, your “field” between you and others and your ability to manifest in your life.

Each of my EpiEnergetics methods consider and address a fuller expression of these organizing wisdoms. Below is a list of some of these methods and how the Energetic Influencers are impacted and enlivened.


The Illuminator organizes and supports coherence between the central nervous system, spine and heart in a way that creates a structural, behavioral and perceptual connection experienced as a spiritual state. Beyond high level wellness, there are shifts in consciousness, a sense of connection, gratitude, love and oneness in life and between individuals. There is a true knowing­­ of ­­what is real beyond cultural conditioning. ­­­By instantly providing the linkage between the mind and heart, The Illuminator provides an upgrade beyond the control of the mind and the energy for the Soul Energetic Intelligence that is sought after in most spiritual disciplines.

Spinal entrainment contacts are most often applied with the practice member on his/her back, similar to the strategies developed with the Optimizer, and now in the absence of a defended spine or self. The spinal wave is directed in front of the spine, between the spine and the heart.  As care progresses the Network wave moves through the heart, engaging a higher level of coherent energy and information. The elegance and responsiveness to more subtle energies and the non material or spiritual experience, and knowing, is beyond the mind’s or culture’s sense of what is possible.

The arms or legs may be used as levers to draw free available energy from the field around us and with precision direct the energy into greatly expanded spinal gateways.  Instead of having just 2 spinal gateways and nerve centers oscillating (in harmonic communication) a third powerful oscillator, the spine/heart, is engaged in continuing to inspire and direct the spine and sense of self.

With a fueled Soul Energetic Intelligence the body arches up, chest rises, the spine with the engagement of the heart expands and larger Spinal Gateways entrain with those of others nearby.

Structurally the body assumes postures that may naturally occur with practices of  various spiritual traditions, but now in a more refined and energy efficient way. Spinal, spiritual and cardiac strategies significantly upgrade, in a raw and real way, what is possible for the human experience.

The Illuminator is associated with what is considered an awaken state linked to a new level of spinal and neural integrity.  Many thousands of individuals have developed these strategies with NetworkSpinal®, a refinement of prior Network forms of care.

The space around the body (the field) becomes more of a primary reality. What is called a super energy rich coherent state inspires greater synergy and energetic constructive collaboration with others. Our spine, nervous system and being are so energy efficient that we just BE. NetworkSpinal generally extends to the higher aspect of the Soul Energetic Intelligence …. where The Illuminator meets the next Influencer, The Weaver.


12 Stages of Healing
The Illuminator is influenced through Stages 8 (Emptiness), Stage 9 (Light beyond the form), and Stage 10 (Ascent).

This is where the Awaken state is truly launched. Awareness of energy around and within each of us which connects us and the cosmos emerges.  We literally fall out of ourselves and the thinking mind and self is no longer the interpreter of experience. Gratitude and true knowing based upon us as energetic beings having physical expressions emerges and develops.  

The Illuminator seeks to energize and potentiate two aspects of the Soul Energetic Intelligence, the light of unattached pure love, the light of truth beyond culture or story.

We connect with the energetics beyond the physical 4 dimensional body/mind. This is for the embodiment of the spiritual state and awakening beyond a separate self … and even beyond separate souls or spiritual essences. We truly briefly become the higher order of Creation’s Codes™.

The conscious integration of breath, energy and motion for each of these stages with the awareness of the body (SRI) or the field for humanity (EpiIntegrate), provides for the experience, behavior and structures of  awakened consciousness. The super energy richness elevates whomever and whatever we place our attention upon. Through our conscious awareness and attention we create blessings!  


EpiExchange (EpiX)
The Illuminator is energized by the development and conscious awareness of the Fourth Energetic House. Beyond the reach of  hands, this occurs at Donny Epstein’s EpiExchange Experiences and provides free and instantly available energy to fulfill the needs of the Soul Energetic Intelligence.

Instant access to The Illuminator with being able to experience the higher aspects of what spiritual traditions teach or promise, transforms our experience of our body, mind, taking us past the illusion of separateness. With EpiExchange applications The Illuminator is often brought into relationship with the prior Energetic Influencers. Awakening, greater resourcefulness, consciousness, love and the light of truth are available for the Soul Energetic Intelligence.

AlchemE® and AlchemE® Mentor
The Illuminator is fueled with the conscious awareness of its position in the energy grid around the body and direct experience of its Super Energy Rich awakening field achieved through AlchemE practice. 

One knows and selects the grid location of the Illuminator, the season of Awaken and in humility choosing greater bandwidth for more than oneself with love, compassion, light of truth, joy, and massive service. We can easily hold at least 3 simultaneous perspectives while our field and energy grid is effortlessly and gracefully reorganized beyond a primary single physical reality.  We experience the shifting of our past, of humanity’s future and of our place within emerging multidimensional worlds. 

Accountable for our energetics, we are committed to being the light that is needed for the world.