Energetic Influencers seek to bring energy to your self organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. All of the major spiritual traditions have written and spoken about wisdoms that create the capacity for survival, emotions, thought, and your spiritual connection to one another and the world. In these short videos, you’ll find the secrets of Creation’s Codes™ for your life in these uncertain times.


Energetic Influencer #1


Here I share about the first of the 6 Energetic Influencers in the various EpiEnergetics® applications …


The Energetic Influencers are means of providing enough energy for each of your 6 Energetic Intelligences. These intelligences require energy to organize your body, emotions, mind, spirit, your “field” between you and others and your ability to manifest in your life.

Each of my EpiEnergetics methods consider and address a fuller expression of these organizing wisdoms. Below is a list of some of these methods and how the Energetic Influencers are impacted and enlivened.


NetworkSpinal is the latest evolution of the NetworkSpinal and central nervous system centered health and life enhancement methods. The network systems consider the Energetic Influencers and their access at various depths in the body to access Creation’s Codes, called one’s innate intelligences and expressed through your Energetic Influencers.

A gentle touch adjustment/spinal entrainment contact to the spine mostly in the neck and pelvic area at access points called Spinal Gateways is made, with the client face down on the chiropractic table. The precise touch adjustment is made superficially to access receptors that help a self-healing/awakening wave (unique to this method to reorganize the connective tissue liberating energy and information). The spinal cord, held in place by connective tissue, is more flexible as it liberates bound energy and withheld information associated with traumatic or less resourceful states fueling your Survivor. Spinal vertebrae and tissues gently rock guided by your energized Survivor with greater body and energy awareness.

With your Survivor no longer downsizing your energy and life, you move beyond an outworn practiced visceral sense of defense.  A spinal breath wave develops freeing you from your primal Survivor’s hijacking. With this new-found source of energy and information about your body and life, increased energy efficiency, greater spinal and nerve system coherence and integrity provides more effectiveness for the Survivor so that it can effortlessly create healing, and transformation. The over reactive and often obsessive need for certainty relaxes as more variety and novelty allows for organic and visceral opening to change.


12 Stages of Healing
Stage One, Suffering, is about the experience of not having enough connection within and around you, sensing that nothing works, you are helpless and have the foreboding sense that it may never end. With the declarations of these experiences the Survivor instantly has more energy and the downsizing of your life and disconnection no longer requires the experience of helpless to recognize that there is more. 

With the integration of conscious breath, energy awareness, and precise motion along with the declarations and your hand positioning, your Survivor is energized. Now, energy for life beyond the primal hunger to downsize energy, information and life to just survive is open to more.

With SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) practice/exercise on your body for Stage One and with EpiIntegrate for your relationship with the field of humanity for Stage One, your Survivor has new opportunities as the downsize, disconnect, helpless pattern can switch to create change and novelty in your body and the space between you and others.


EpiExchange (EpiX)
This is the energetic discipline currently only delivered by Donny Epstein® at the AWE weekend, the week-long full emersion Ultimatum experience and with Donny caring for private clients. As he discovers how to teach this highly refined and sensitive practice he looks forward to teaching elements of this to others. It utilizes the energetics of “unbound” energy and awareness to ignite transformation of your manifestation using Creation’s Codes.

Energy houses are created in the field around you. Like a magnifying lens focuses and directs the sunlight to make the energy available, Donny helps form Energy Houses in your field around you for each of the Energetic Influencers to instantly be a battery pack and generator.

Your Survivor Energy House, called the first house can be fueled by another influencer, bringing the qualities of the Reactor or Thinker, or Optimizer, Illuminator or Weaver into the fueled Survivor. This appears to effortlessly impact your body, your field and the energetics of survival in you, your generational patterns and your interactions with others.


AlchemE® and AlchemE® Mentor
This is a one-year course in the experience and skills of your personal mastery of Creation’s Codes so you can be and radiate the change that must be in the world. It shares with you how we do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are. We learn our energetic formula for our experiences, meanings and our energetics of manifestation.

Around us is an energetic “grid”. Each place in the grid has a certain amount of energy. Every emotion, thought and manifestation in our life, in our health, relationship/intimacy, business/finance, and impacting humanity, future and past exists only at a particular amount of energy. Less energy and things break down, more and they just survive, and with even more they just magically manifest without any work, effort or change in your life.

AlchemE teaches us the full range of EpiEnergetics teaching to create and manifest for us all through your conscious and ecological experience of the energetics of creation and your personal strategies for accessing your optimal codes.

Your Survivor is accessed and known and accepted for what is and where it is experienced or localized in your energetic grid can instantly shift between the starving Survivor to thriving Survivor fueling your being with new possibilities for yourself and whomever and whatever you think about. From dust to creation!