EpiPalooza Excitement For Our Practitioner Community



This Labor Day weekend experience takes place August 30 – September 2, 2019 and features two acclaimed programs in Denver, Colorado. Guest sleeping rooms are arranged at the venue:

Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center, 6700 North Gaylord Rockies Blvd, Aurora, CO 80019  +1 720-452-6900


Monday (Labor Day)

This unique full day ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE has been developed for you. An extraordinary life is initiated by extraordinary experiencing. Experience personally and collectively each of the energies of creation and the Energetic Intelligences that – like a magnet near iron filings – line up your body and life. Learn how to participate in the energetics of your personal and the collective EpiField in this raw and real group experience. Guided by Donny Epstein, you will experience the vocabulary of the ranges of energies available in and through your EpiField. Gain real-time awareness of how these dynamics instantly influence those around you and the collective EpiFields of humanity.


Friday – Sunday

Join us and embody the life liberating signature spinal wave that is the hallmark of Network care at this EpiEnergetics event loved by participants since 1989!

Readiness for the Gate

If there are confounding physical or emotional challenges in caring for your practice member please share your experience and findings. If the person has not yet experienced the wave it is important that they have had exposure to other people who are experiencing it and emoting. It is helpful to let new Gate attendees know in advance that there will be different music, activities, sounds, noises, and emotions being expressed including screams, laughing and/or crying by other participants (and maybe even them). This is all part of the design and the unique organic composition that evolves at the experience.

About the Application Process…

Applicants will receive confirmation of acceptance upon receipt and review of completed registration, Personal Form, and payment. You will receive your Practice Member’s information with an ONLINE LINK for you to complete their Practitioner Form. Please complete and submit Practitioner Forms at the earliest opportunity as your information provides some of the most valuable insights for optimizing the experience of your practice member.

A Free Gate Awaits You

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these details and maximize your rewards!

*Receiving forms early is critical for the participant and for the community. It assures confirmation of registration and allows a seamless registration process for attendees.

*Submit completed forms EARLY to earn credits towards Gates!

*With every 10 completed registration forms received by the TARGET DATE of AUGUST 16th, A FREE GATE WILL BE YOURS!

*Your cumulative efforts make a difference! HIT THE MARK!
Submit 15 Gate applications in a calendar year by target dates and enjoy a free Gate as well!

THE FINE PRINT (Especially for structure primes!): Each and every full paying adult set of forms submitted by the TARGET DATE will count towards reaching your FREE GATE goals! In order to receive program credits, simply provide us with a list of attendee names and the Gate attended. Be sure to get your list to us by the target date of AUGUST 16th!


You can also WIN an EpiExchange Experience with Donny

During every Gate in 2019, one lucky winner will be selected for the FREE Gate!

At the end of the year, one even luckier individual will be selected from the people who brought tables to Gates in 2019 to win a FREE EpiExchange Experience (Gate, Ultimatum, Awakening With Epstein)!

*Bring your tables to the next Gate and you will be entered into these drawings.

*Bring one table and get one chance to win. Bring 10 tables – Get 10 chances!

*Multiply the fun! There is no limit to how many entries you can earn in this program.

*You may personally bring tables – or you can send them with your practice members.

We are truly grateful for our Network family.

A BIG THANK YOU for your participation!