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NetworkSpinal Learning Experiences for Chiropractors and Chiropractic Students


Both the experiences and practicums are presented to follow along a patient’s journey through upgrades of their CNS and operating system. This journey takes us through the Seasons of Wellbeing where we witness an increase in energy and information efficiency (called coherence) and precise CNS and spinal signatures, sensory and motor refined responses, and reorganization only seen with NetworkSpinal.

Each Season is associated with the patient/practice member’s subjective experience and specific clinical outcomes. Spirituality, psychology, sociology and personal transformation are all impacted by very specific NetworkSpinal adjustments (entrainments).

Thousands around the world seek the principles and practices of EpiEnergetics. NetworkSpinal is EpiEnergetics’ expanded health care application. The public knows there is so much more available. Increasing numbers of people are waking up from the cultural “matrix” with the knowing that upgrades to the human OS are necessary.

Join our team of talented and passionate instructors on an experiential and practical journey through upgrading the spine, CNS and human OS to access the energetics of how life itself organizes. It’s time to gain the skills for delivering an integrated and unreasonable model of healing to those who need and demand MORE!

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Discover Care
Experience and Practicum

In the Season of Discover the individual has learned to move away from painful experiences using conditioned defense strategies that block further growth and healing. The Season of Discover of NetworkSpinal Care is explored with the objective to enhance greater spinal and somatic awareness while establishing new levels of spinal and neural integrity and self regulation of vertebral subluxations.

Transform Care
Experience and Practicum

Transform Care advances the self-organizing capacity of the Central Nervous System. Through the self-regulation of spinal sensory motor distortions, specific vertebral oscillation and development of the unique Network “reorganizational” healing wave, a stress busting response and greater personal healing empowerment evolves.

Awaken Care  Experience and Practicum

Awaken Care takes those you serve beyond the concept of wellness. By accessing the transpersonal or spiritual aspect of healing through advancing an additional spinal oscillator in the thoracic spine and heart a new property of the human nervous system evolves. Experience what beingness and coherence mean through a variety of lenses, and their impact upon clinical applications and outcomes!

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