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  • Profile: Sharing knowledge, understanding, experience, love and wisdom from my journey in life and business.


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  • Profile: If you are reading this, something more is calling you and you know, no ordinary would do or can satisfy that hunger. The hunger to experience extraordinary, to create extraordinary and to know simple steps, that can transform your life and others'. What would it be like, to live, abundantly in all domains of life?What would be like to daringly, ecstatically live your wildest dreams? Living the passion and being aware of the energetics, that is behind everything and being able to choose the outcome, that creates reality for you and others?

    I have 10 years of experience in various aspects of personal and business consulting and advisory. Helping people to effectively and most efficiently facilitate their higher goals. An absolutely Great Journey and the hunger for More, for more than Great, for what was considered to be impossible, in all domains of life, has brought me to the creator of EXTRAORDINARY life changing technologies, to the man who specializes in impossible made possible, my mentor - Donny Epstein, to EpiEnergetics, and to AlchemE. I am - Victoria Van, a soul fascinated by the magic of life and what is possible for all the people, your local inter-galactic representative, passionate collaborator and guide of unreasonable transformations, AlchemE Mentor.


    "When now is the time?"

    Let's get started!

    And... are you okay, if it is gonna be effortless?

    Welcome to New Possible !

    Yours Faithfully


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  • Profile: Therese is a soul just like you, with a kaleidoscope of passions. An intuitive mentor; collaborating and inspiring through the unseen forces that create and connect us all.

    A loving partner, and nurturing mother and grandmother; cherishing the joys and challenges that come with these sacred connections. She expresses emotions and thoughts through the integration of words, colors, and music, allowing your souls desire to grow.

    Walking hand and hand we welcome you on this quest... Exploring and experiencing your authentic self...for what you seek is already seeking you. Come as you are, and together, we will co-create a world where dreams take flight and aspirations bloom.

 Oak Beach

AlchemE Mentor


    When you experience an AlchemE Mentoring session with Dr. Scott Freeman, you’ll access an abundance of energy and an extraordinary new resourcefulness! You will manifest MORE for your entire life! As you become more authentic and real, answers and solutions to any of your challenges will appear effortlessly... as if by magic!

    Maybe you’re seeking more for your relationships or intimate connections.

    Maybe you’re compelled to new victories in business or finance. Perhaps you’re hungry for more vibrant health or awareness of energy.

    Most definitely, you are called, even seduced, to have a greater impact and contribution for the world. To be a beacon lighting the way for others, whether you feel worthy of it or not.

    Despite any of your worry, concerns, anxiety, or doubts...
    Regardless what no longer works or how stuck you feel...
    However much you have failed or felt let down...

    ... you can easily WAKE to a space of more triumph, adventure, community, and resourcefulness! You can exchange from the ordinary to the extraordinary! The magic is indeed real.

    In addition to mentoring with a certified AlchemE Mentor, you’ll also be working with an experienced Network Spinal Chiropractor of 20+ years, and above all, a man with profound caring, courage, and tenacious commitment to YOU receiving the complete package of MORE for your body, mind,
    heart, and soul.

    Contact Dr. Scott today at [email protected] or 714-914-3243. Available both locally for In-Person sessions, and internationally via Zoom.


 Costa Mesa

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AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Dr. Richelle Knowles is well known as a chiropractor residents can rely on for compassionate and empathetic care at the Boulder wellness center. She began her impressive academic career at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania. Her deep commitment to entering the field of health care led her to pursue a degree in pharmacology. However, Dr. Richelle’s life changed dramatically when she learned about the theory, principles, and practice of chiropractic and chose to leave behind her studies in pharmacology. She enrolled at Sherman College of Chiropractic and proved herself to be a student of remarkable ability. She was named Chiropractic Intern of the Month and represented Sherman College at the World Congress of Chiropractic Students before graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. In 2011, Dr. Richelle was deeply honored to receive an appointment to the Colorado Board of Chiropractic Examiners from Governor John Hickenlooper. She currently serves on the Chiropractic State Board.


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AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Are you a seeker who wants more in this life?
    And what if this life could be virtually effortless?
    What if you could be successful and have great relationships no matter what happened in the past?

    I woke up one morning with sharp, paralyzing pain. This sudden condition I thought would destroy my life became my greatest gift. I healed my body
    without surgery. I knew there was more and answered the calling of AlchemE, “the conscious use of energy and information to create extraordinary,” with Donny Epstein.

    I now experience the energetics of creations codes and the magic of life everyday with curiosity, and fascination.
    I am Randi Maggid and as an AlchemE Mentor, I feel your soul’s essence, and will guide you to experience the magic place where there is more—more of whatever your soul desires! Helping others thrive are my gift and passion.

    I look forward to guiding you to more joy and purpose. Randi Maggid is the author of the award-winning book Beverly Hills Concentration Camp; a healing journey about being the daughter of holocaust survivors. She holds an MSM in Business, a BA in Journalism, and is a certified Breathwork practitioner and Shamanic healer. She has done in-depth study of shamanism of the Andes, North America, Nigeria, and other traditions. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

 Redondo Beach

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: As an AlchemE Mentor, I am profoundly honored to guide and inspire you on your journey. Being one of the youngest mentors worldwide, I am committed to living the principles I stand for. My belief is that to effectively share wisdom, one must first live it, reveling in the vast beauty and profound richness life offers.

    My AlchemE experience is an endless inspiration for the future changes of humanity, which are available today. I truly believe in the power of simple and impactful changes, accessible to everyone at any juncture in their life, aiding them on their unique path.

    I welcome you to experience more of a life enriched with limitless discoveries, increased resourcefulness, meaningful change, and passionate inspiration. Join me in exploring the unique and extraordinary opportunities that AlchemE offers through its 'Creation Codes in Action'. And welcome to a journey of beyond-self-discovery and empowerment, where you finally feel able to share more, give more and be more.


AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: What if you could effortlessly upgrade your entire experience of life?
    What would that mean to you and all the people you're connected with?

    I'm Michael Edge and I always wanted to know and experience more. I've always been curious about how the Universe works and what forces guide creation. I am a Seeker.

    If you're here then I assume you're a Seeker too?

    In 2017 I met Donny Epstein, from that moment everything changed. He introduced me to the techniques of EpiEnergetics which directly impacted every aspect of my life.

    At the time I had significant challenges in my life: my intimate relationship, my business, my finances, even the way I perceived myself in the world. Going through a divorce, many areas of life felt like they were collapsing and hopeless.

    Donny helped me in both one-to-one and group sessions and shifted my energetic identity resulting in significant upgrades to all areas of life. Business started to boom, finances became abundant, relationships felt richer and exciting again, my health and vitality sky-rocketed!

    These changes were profound, effortless and instant.

    In 2020 Donny began teaching a new technique he developed called AlchemE to a small group of people who wanted to experience even more in life.

    The timing was perfect. As the world closed down for Covid people found it hard to attend in-person sessions. Unlike in-person, AlchemE can happen over Zoom and can be anywhere in the world.

    I signed up for the 1 year AlchemE course. When that was complete I continued onto the AlchemE Mentor course and received my Mentor certificate in January 2023. SInce then I have continued to study with Donny as one of a small group of practicing AlchemE Mentors.

    There is only one Donny Epstein in the world and he has very limited availability, so Donny shared his incredible skills with this group of AlchemE Mentors so we could help more people reach their true life potential.

    Through the AlchemE Mentors, this technique is available to you, and is available right now if you are feeling stuck in life or are called for more.

    As a practicing Mentor I would be honored to serve you if you are seeking a more extraordinary experience of life or feel you can be more and give more.

    What should you expect?
    An AlchemE Mentor session is a one-to-one conversation between you and I carried out online over Zoom. It usually lasts an hour or less. It's confidential and non-judgmental. We will uncover what's needed together, focusing on the energetics that are guiding you, so that you instantly begin to experience an upgraded version of yourself and a more extraordinary reality.

    You can book find out more and book our first introductory session by heading to:

    I'm currently based in Dubai (originally from the UK), I speak English and work with clients wherever they are located around the world.

    I look forward to serving you soon,

    Michael Edge
    @michaeledge (Instagram)


AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Have you always had a knowing? Maybe a sense of whats required for the world or a certain situation? Maybe you have just known things and can't make sense of how other people don't see or get it?

    Like you, I would often sense an outcome or know the vision of what was needed in a situation such as business, relationships, family yet it seemed like I was talking another language, people didn't get it. The desire to make a difference and impact others was so strong but I was making little to no impact in any real sense.

    EpiEnergetics and Donny Epstein have created technologies and real world applications that demystify the unknown, the immaterial worlds, the impulses, senses and allow those that are willing to choose a new way, the ability to live an extraordinary life effortlessly, inspiring and impacting everyone they come into contact with.

    What would it be like if others suddenly just woke up in your presence?

    What would it be like to get a real experience of how we are all connected and your energy directly impacts others?

    What would it be like to live congruently with the energetic forces that guide and manifest effortlessly?

    I would love to explore the energetics of life with you and help connect with whats possible beyond what you think you know.

    Talk soon,


AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Each of us upon our incarnation was gifted with the spiritual promise of being able to manifest our world any way we choose in order to experience the abundance of the Divine as we grow and evolve. Can you imagine what it would be like to manifest and create a life of joyous abundance?

    Many of the clients I have worked with over the past 30 years have a few things in common. They know that there is more to life than the circumstances that they are experiencing. They are aware (or becoming aware) of aspects of their life, body, relationships, or business that must be upgraded. And, there is a compelling desire to make a lasting impact for the betterment of themselves and humanity in alignment with that innate spiritual promise.

    I didn’t start out as the leading expert in transforming lives and awakening leaders that I am today. Like many of you reading this, I was aware of that promise and ignored it; trading it instead for the way I was programmed by family, community, religions and cultures; living a life of quiet desperation in order to not ‘rock the boat.’

    As I grew older this way of being and living caused me a lot of pain and tremendous breakdown in all areas of my life. I suffered collapse of my business and financial ruin; I was homeless and destitute; my fiancé left me and with that most of my friends deserted me; my health was in a free-fall decline making the mediocre life I was living less than tolerable. I researched and practiced countless spiritual modalities in an effort to feel relief and comfort. Yet, nothing really helped make a sustainable change.

    I was in so much pain physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that I begged God to take me.

    How could this have been happening? I am a healer. I am trained in the art, science and philosophy of one of the world’s best natural healing arts—chiropractic. I have studied with Donny Epstein for over 30 years and became very good at helping others, yet I couldn’t do as Socrates commanded “physician heal thyself.”

    It was through applying and having personalized experiences with Donny Epstein’s AlchemE technology that I began feeling like I was recognizing a calling, a remembrance of something incredibly profound that was encoded into the matrix of my being. That awakened in me an unquenchable desire to make sure that the life I live is one that is absolutely extraordinary; to make sure that my life is dedicated to service and the benefit of humanity through the evolution of my self.

    Using these Epstein technologies I offer you: a promise to be a better version of yourself everyday, to live life with a purpose and a knowing that there is more than what you are currently experiencing, and a way of magically manifesting the life of your dreams—here and now!

 New York

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AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: My promise to you is that I can help you connect to the greatness that you've always had access to. In addition to energetic mentoring, I also own a CrossFit gym and previous jobs include Air Force Intelligence Officer and an entrepreneur at a startup company building LASIK machines. As my abilities and awareness have expanded in energetic mentoring, I've realized that I have a gift in pinpointing what will make the difference for people to learn energy experientially. No matter what it is that you think you are dealing with, it is way simpler than it appears. What you desire can happen effortlessly, and it would be my honor to be part of that journey with you.

 Winter Park

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AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

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 Sandia Park

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Does clarity feel more like a visitor than a reliable partner? Have you studied many paths looking for the one that can connect you to a sense of confidence in your purpose? Does a part of you yearn for certainty and a stronger internal navigation system?

    Look no further.

    As a mentor, speaker, and consultant Jonathan Mozenter is deeply rooted in reverence for how everything in life serves our evolution. Individual and group transformation shines as his biggest passion. In addition to working twenty-five plus years in the field of Change Management and obtaining an MBA from Boston University, Jonathan has also studied with masters and gained experience in numerous esoteric areas including: EpiEnergetics/AlchemE, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Conscious Language, Shadow Work, Chi Energy Cultivation, Integral Theory, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

    His unique blend of these lineages enables participants to be one with their heart and soul. As a spiritual stack-master, Jonathan helps clients weave meaning that both rewrites the past and curates the necessary energy shifts to be guided towards their brightest future. This guidance (known as Gnosis, Buddhahood, Christ Consciousness, or Soul Intelligence in Donny Epstein's work) is at the core of what Jonathan activates in those he serves. After witnessing the life-changing impact of this ability in his own life, Jonathan is committed to sharing this deeper connection to life with the world.

 Tinamastes de Barú

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AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

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 Bradley Beach

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: United as seekers, we embark on an extraordinary journey towards transformation. Drawing from my 30-year career as a classical homeopath and special educator, I blend the wisdom of these practices with the visionary teachings of Donny Epstein. At the heart of our exploration is AlchemE mentorship, an approach that effortlessly marries my deep understanding of holistic health and educational nurturing with the energy-rich focus of our future.

    We journey together, illuminating our lives, delving into the extraordinary realms of existence. My extensive experience and the transformative power of AlchemE mentorship coalesce to guide our voyage, facilitating an effortless, yet profound, transformation. Welcome to this unified journey, where the wisdom of the past and the energy of the future meld seamlessly in the transformative power of AlchemE."


AlchemE Mentor

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AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Hi there, I'm Daniel Zimmerman. I love to build collaborative, creative relationships with others. Working personally and professionally over a decade with high profile individuals in management and as a certified coach, I found people naturally opened up to me creating a space for real connection and synergy. These raw and real interactions promoted
    dynamic growth and momentum in each of our lives. And now, AlchemE has helped take this to an extraordinary new level.

    I used to be oblivious to what I had to offer the world. A quiet boy growing up, I was raised in the midwest where the cultural field supported pleasantries and sameness. I knew I was unique, but speaking up and standing out was not encouraged there. Feeling a calling for more, I made the big jump to Los Angeles. While this new cultural field allowed me to
    come out of my shell and connect more with people, I couldn’t figure out why life still felt heavy. From my intense desire to live a more authentic, coherent and joyful life, I was eventually introduced to NetworkSpinal and AlchemE.

    I spent the next 3 years with my mentors, Dr. Christopher George and Donny Epstein, which became an expansive journey of multiple energetic programs and experiences.

    Once I realized what drives life are unseen forces that influence our reality, my life completely transformed.

    Since learning about AlchemE and Donny’s other technologies, I have accepted multiple opportunities I would have turned down in the past. I now have a greater understanding and energetic resourcefulness to make things happen! AlchemE has also helped me have more intimate relationships with my friends, family and partner. I am aware that I was put
    on this Earth to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and authenticity and how we can all effectively collaborate and create magic together.

    Seeing the impact that AlchemE had on me and others in my life, I knew I had to bring it to a greater audience which is what called me to sign up for AlchemE Mentor. With my compassion, presence and transparency, we can collaborate and reveal how these unseen forces of life can help to expand your reality!

 West Hollywood

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: After treating patients for over 30 years as a physician performing minimally-invasive surgical procedures, Daniel Javit transitioned to spiritually-based healing. He now aligns with the spiritual nature of universal intelligence to co-create greater health, wellness and personal fulfillment. Inspired by with his twin flame Ester, he has created a community of lovers and seekers called 'Soul Genesis' where members passionately cultivate richer, more embodied lives; with a specific focus on his expertise of love, intimacy and relationships. As a mentor, psychic and healer, he serves his clients by knowing what's exactly needed in this present moment.

 Bradley Beach

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Is there an area of your life that requires more resources? Is your comfort zone too small? Are you ready to choose more in life?

    Cathrine’s passion is to help you become aware of the energetics you are using in life and exchange you into a more energy efficient version of yourself. It’s about how you can be in charge of your life instead of allowing the circumstances and the culture in our society control you. Cathrine connects you with your purpose in life and how you truly can impact others. You will notice that you think, feel and act differently, that you attract different people and things in your life and that you observe your circumstances with more resources.

    Cathrine has 10 years experience with advising management groups in large organizations. She has had different HR roles in Accenture and Visma, latest as HR Director for a company in Visma. She holds a Masters of Human Resources from University of Sydney. In addition to offering Mentor sessions at two Chiropractor Clinics in Norway, she is seeing clients on Zoom. Looking forward to hearing from you via phone or email.


AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: We make choices every day, and many are made unconsciously, often drawing from experience that was painful and may only create more pain. Those less-than-energized choices can disrupt and sabotage the life we are living, sometimes making it difficult to participate in life at all. When choosing consciously, from an energized state the choices we make compel us to create a vision for the future allowing for greater capacity to support ourselves and humanity in an Energy-Rich and powerful way.

    How would it be to live life to your fullest potential, free from the concept of cultural stories some believe to be real? What if it was also effortless and made a difference for so many others than you could imagine?

    I have many years of experience with EpiEnergetics technologies and have been called to the extraordinary purpose for which I am meant. Trained by Donnie Epstein and in collaboration with other Mentors, I am participating in the energetic field as an AlchemE Mentor®, assisting seekers explore their use of energetic focus to expand and allow for greater available energy, to transform how life is experienced and create a greater impact on themselves and all Humanity!

    The extraordinary new book The Seeker’s Code by Donnie Epstein has just been released on Amazon. This is not an ordinary book. If you're called to move beyond current reality, awaken the unreasonable, and inspire the extraordinary, The Seeker's Code is your opportunity to learn how to navigate the greatest renaissance in human history.

    There is a powerfully seductive force calling humanity for MORE, is it calling you?

    I would love to explore with you!


AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: If you are seeking the Extraordinary in life, beyond anything you have experienced so far, if you dream big and want live even bigger, if you want to connect to the energetics of all creation, the universal intelligences of life, if you wish to consciously use these universal forces for instant, effortless manifestation, if you wish to instantly create, manifest, and impact your life and the lives of others in real, constructive, and often seemingly "magical" ways with pure alchemy (AlchemE®), I am here for you and more than excited to serve you. I have personally experienced it, individually and collectively, and successfully practiced, and witnessed it with others - in all areas of life - infinite times.

    I am a highly experienced, passionate AlchemE Mentor, fully committed to integrally serving the various needs of my clients, from multinational companies and organizations, family-owned businesses, political parties to private individuals.

    I gained my Mentor wisdom and knowledge through personal experience, the successful study, procurement, and practice of various approaches as a renowned Business Consultant, Strategist, Mentor and Advisor, and also as an internationally trained Medical Doctor, Chiropractor (specialized in EpiHealing and EpiLiving using NetworkSpinal and EpiIntegrate), Acupuncturist, and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

    I accrued extensive experience in business leadership, strategy and implementation consulting as well as in personal life-transformation and consciousness enhancement. As a result, and in recognition of some of my visionary contributions, I was conferred with a variety of awards and accolades, including honorary professorships and doctorate degrees.
    I accumulated comprehensive experience, while in leadership positions for both Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte Consulting, in strategic consulting, leadership mastery, business and process reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, e-commerce, change management and knowledge management. I have successfully implemented numerous, innovative, cross-system approaches in a wide range of companies from
    small, family-owned businesses to renowned multinational companies. I have also successfully worked with well-known and recognized international political leaders (presidents, ministers, and royal highnesses), as well as, eminent international political parties.

    I have always been inspired to serve well beyond all of these commonly used successful tools and approaches. EpiEnergetics provided access to what has been my driving inspiration and motivation: the conscious access to the energy of creation (Creation's CodesTM) and how to use this energy of creation to experience and advance the Extraordinary in all domains of life.

    Donny Epstein and EpiEnergetics provide me with the gift to serve my calling, through how I show up and serve, and in everything I do to contribute to the betterment and advancement of individuals and collectively to the world.

    For almost two decades I have passionately studied (to the highest level of mastery) all of Dr. Donald Epstein's groundbreaking (r)evolutionary Reorganizational approaches, and closely work with him as a consultant and CEO of his companies: Wise World Seminars, and EpiEnergetics Institute.

    I fully embody the various reorganizational and EpiEnergetics technologies and applications as the center of my life; and I have personally worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies successfully and impactfully implementing the groundbreaking, (r)- evolutionary EpiEnergetics applications.

    After I successfully mastered all my various educations, academic trainings, and professional experiences I humbly realized that the essence in life, personally and professionally, transcends all scientific knowledge. The core of life is an expression of the energetics of the inherent universal wisdom in all life. Consciously knowing and having access to these forces is the ultimate purpose in life. The integration of both, knowledge and wisdom is the greatest gift in working with people and organizations. I will always relate to you as a friend candidly adding all my wisdom, knowledge and heartfelt experience to positively impact your soul, both personally and professionally, and to humbly support you to connect to the energetics of creation and express your true purpose and essence of your being in life, in business and in your personal life.


AlchemE Mentor

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 Los Angeles

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Innately you know that there is so much more in life than what you seem to be living? What if you could hack the codes between being an unfulfilled
    potential and passionately living life???

    A “YES” to the question suggests that you are a Seeker. Bri is like you. Married with two teens she is a multi-disciplinary visionary based in Tuscany, Italy. Following her life experiences and service there is an insatiable passion and fascination to discover and innovate what is possible beyond the physical realm of life. Energised and purposeful service is an integrated value Bri offers.

    The conscious awareness and the claiming gives us access to the natural flow of the invisible forces. We are all co-creators in life. If you have a burning desire to be the change the world needs, to add more value and make an impact, then this is an invitation for you to explore what’s possible beyond the hallucination of conditioning! Bri is looking forward to welcoming you on board of the (r)evolutionary ride!

 San Casciano

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Gday there how ya doin?
    Brett Robey is my name
    I come from Perth Australia
    and Extraordinary is my game.

    There is no other option here this is what we all must claim,
    I would love you to come join me if you'd like to do the same.

    It hasn't always been this way I've done plenty of ordinary too,
    but that was then and this is now where ordinary just won't do.

    We are at a tipping point in the world right now where leaders like you and me
    Need to choose more, claim more, be more
    For others so they can also see!

    We are here to shine our light,
    to lead the way for all the rest,
    To do this we must claim extraordinary and
    go beyond our best!

    I have an Extraordinary family
    3 young children
    and a beautiful wife

    How about ya come and join me
    and live an Extraordinary life

    If you want to be more comfortable
    then this is not for you.
    This is about reaching limits beyond beyond
    and your dreams becoming true

    Ordinary is fine for some
    they are happy and that's ok,
    If we don't continuously claim more for ourselves and others
    Ordinary is where we stay.

    I am extremely grateful for Donny Epstein and this Magic he creates,
    that has changed my life and my family's lives and so many of my mates.

    I have continuously experienced miracles and this is how things are
    Come and get amongst it - claim extraordinary be a star ??

    Much love
    Brett Robey


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