with Donny Epstein
October 2019 – September 2020

Your Master-E Journey Begins Here

In this fifth year of Master-E Donny continues to articulate the depth of wisdom, extraordinary academic understanding and his skills in caring for people that are beyond anything you thought possible – with results that have never before been so profound, rapid or sustainable.

Each year this exclusive community of Network doctors continues to achieve results more extraordinary then ever in their practices and lives as they learn to hack the codes of reality between the human nervous system and “the field” and develop new capacities for healing and upgrading the human experience.


Understanding and accessing multiple dimensions and perspectives to select clinical outcomes precisely tailored to your clients’ needs is only part of the vast and exciting material addressed in monthly modules. The new Pain Integration Experience (PIE) will enable you to extraordinarily serve people with chronic and often debilitating pain – turning them from patients to practice members in less then 10 minutes!


Make your refined technique an integral part of the larger package you will deliver! In Master-E you will learn how to bring NetworkSpinal® into a far bigger picture – beyond EpiHealing® – into an extraordinary care model where your mastery of energy and information instantly shifts your practice members through unprecedented magical spinal, health, field, and life transformations.


Integrating energy and information and your field’s impact on those you serve are vital preludes to your taking the lead as the market’s demand for EpiEnergetics explodes! Many many MORE practitioners with these skills will be needed in 2019! Study the real basis behind the new developments in Network and understand things about theory and practice that are not covered in Network Learning Experiences and Practicums. Discover an extraordinary depth of information about the evolution and the versions of Network and its historical basis in chiropractic, healing and the relationship to the field.


Learn how to fill the GAP between where you have been and where you are being called to and the Gap between your practice members’ current states and where they can be with your expanding expertise. Explore the depth of each of the Phases through the Energetic Intelligences, the Sacred Seasons, and conjoined Energy States with dynamic field interactions between you and your practice members.


Develop the most profound community at Live events where you learn real Master-E and fine tune your ability to initiate change, Network waves, the energetic intelligences, coherence and gateway oscillation before you even physically hold a contact. And, there is so much MORE! Between modules you’ll have opportunity to review and further embody Master-E teachings in intimate Pod groups making breakthroughs and sharing insights as a team.

Both near grads and new grads are encouraged to apply and join our growing Master-E community.

The “E” in Master-E is about Energy, the Extraordinary, and how they manifest in life, practice, and the world.

The “E” is also for Epstein, your guide on this journey and a true Master in his own right. Participants will receive unparalleled content, information and access to Donny helping build future global leadership in EpiHealing and EpiEnergetics!

The Master-E LIVE Intensives with Donny Epstein are an exclusive opportunity for this select group of individuals dedicated to unparalleled learning and embodying the being-ness, knowingness and presence of a Master.


MASTER-E LIVE #1- February 7-8, 2020 – DENVER, CO

MASTER-E PLUS LIVE #1- February 9-10, 2020 – DENVER, CO

MASTER-E LIVE #2- June 5-6, 2020 – DENVER, CO

MASTER-E PLUS LIVE #2- June 7-8, 2020 – DENVER CO

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