MORE about Master-E with Donny Epstein

As a Network Practitioner you want to get the absolute best results, attract more Seekers, get more referrals, and grow your practice successfully.The field is calling YOU!

Spend an entire year with Donny learning his secrets of how your focused attention upon the season, the energetic intelligences, the spine, the phases, your practice members’ ways of using of their triad of change, coherence -and so much more- can produce extraordinary changes even before you entrain them!

See the person beyond the spine! Your practice members will know that you know them better than anyone else!  Donny’s magic is now available for YOU to share in your practice. Upgrade your skills as a practitioner and make the greatest impact on every soul that you serve!

In your Master-E experience, Donny will articulate a depth of wisdom acquired over more than 3 decades of service. From Network 1.0 to Network 3.0 he has shared extraordinary academic understanding and acquired skills in caring for people that are beyond anything previously possible. Today’s results are more profound, rapid and sustainable than ever.

You will learn to access the sacred creation of reality between the human nervous system and “the field” and develop new capacities for healing and upgrading the human healing experience.

Donny invites YOU to join him now as the next magical Master-E year begins!

The space between us all, the field, and the cloud of unbound potential is now available for AlchemE® in your life and for humanity.


Through the year long program, Donny will help you discover and explore new energetic realities required for manifesting what you are called to in life. Donny for the first time ever, will share the secrets he uses to effortlessly and easily enhance, access and influence your energetic field, which is your personalized blockchain of humanity.


EpiEnergetics is a (r)evolution of how people, businesses, communities and the spaces connecting us interact, collaborate, evolve, and express their authentic signature in the world. It uniquely applies energy and information consciously and ecologically to produce your personal or organizational extraordinary. You can effortlessly experience, harness, and evolve the energetics that shape your life, health, relationships, business, and reality…as you know it. You will gain, with each module, real and raw skills for constructively influencing people effortlessly through your own beingness. AlchemE is Donny Epstein’s most advanced application of EpiEnergetics ever taught, designed for extraordinary living and impacting the future of humanity.


Why are you running your life on Humanity 1.0 when you were designed and destined to run Humanity 10.0? What aspect of your life, body, business or relationships needs attention? What must be upgraded? Is there a whisper or relentless shout calling you to more? In AlchemE, you will learn to access and apply energetic strategies specifically designed to create transformation. You will increase the ‘bandwidth’ of possibility and potential in your life, and celebrate what you never thought possible achieving, and often instantly seeing these skills effecting others in your relationships, personally and professionally… and more.

Instantly impact and influence others – help usher what is essential, profound, and calling you beyond reason


All relationships occur in the space between us. Your ability to create any extraordinary relationship – family, intimate partnership, business, friends or acquaintances – starts in the space between you and others. In AlchemE, you will learn how use the field between you, or we dare say seduce the field, to unveil its richness, interconnection and grace. Whether you want more intimacy with your lover, more connection with your family members or more synergy with your team, AlchemE will give you the recipe and strategies to make this real and watch your relationships, of all kinds, blossom and grow.


The way energy is used in life shows up in our relationships. Recently, the discord and struggle for power and dominance between the masculine and feminine has triggered a call for a new way. The next tier requires more from the masculine and feminine energetic dynamic. Discover revolutionary and ‘soul-gasmic’ experiences with our own expression of the masculine and feminine. Surrender to their complimentary energetic nature and realize their application in the field of creation and manifestation. You will learn working on relationships will always take effort and have minimal results, whereas knowing the energetic calling of masculine and feminine, and their sacred dance, beyond the conditioning and baggage of gender, releases the magical fire of true relationships and evolving possibility for us all.


The ‘old world’ way of going about things requires more effort, yet delivers lesser reward. All business is really about adding value to the field of humanity, and liberating more energy and information than is bound. Learn how to create and share rapid measurable energetic results. Applying the right energy for the right result is like turning on an electromagnet, all the parts instantly align with purpose and efficient collaborative action for success. AlchemE will help guide you to use the right force and energy, at the right time, to create and achieve business and professional success beyond what you have envisioned possible.


Manifestation starts with energy. In fact, ALL THINGS start with energy. What types of energy are you using in life? Are you even aware of this? Whether conscious or unconscious, there is a field of energy that is working on, with and around at all times which has a unique set of codes to use it. The type and amount of energy in your field, plus your focused attention impacts everything you call reality and your life. As you optimize the type and amount of energy you optimize your influence and attraction in your life and that of those whom with you interact. In AlchemE, you will discover how to hack this field so that you can master its potential for yourself, and to make a bigger difference in the world. You will know your formula for harnessing the invisible forces that shape existence!

The Search Starts/Stops Here

You have done the personal growth programs, yet still ache for more. Something still elusive to you, something you know possible yet do not know how to grasp. Invisible forces construct your reality, yet you continue to pursue the visible. Are you ready to open your mind to being something more? The search for personal growth stops here, and a new reality calling you begins and takes off.