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SEE THE PERSON BEYOND THE SPINE!  Your Practice Members will know that you know them better than anyone else! Donny’s magic is now available for YOU to share in your practice. Upgrade your skills as a practitioner and make the greatest impact on every soul you serve!

Spend an entire year with Donny learning his secrets of how your focused attention upon the Seasons, the Energetic Intelligences, the spine, the Phases, your Practice Members’ ways of using of their Triad of Change, coherence, – and so much more – can produce extraordinary changes even before you entrain them!

In your Master-E Experience, Donny will articulate a depth of wisdom acquired over more than three decades of service. From Network 1.0 to Network 3.0 he has shared extraordinary academic understanding and acquired skills in caring for people that are beyond anything previously possible. Today’s results are more profound, rapid and sustainable than ever.

You will learn to access the sacred creation of reality between the human nervous system and “the Field” and develop new capacities for healing and upgrading the human healing experience.

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“It has really changed my whole life and my practice is unrecognizable.” -Jayne A.

 “The ripple impact of referrals is more expanded. When you’re signing up for Master-E you’re signing up for the infinite possibilities that extend way beyond what you can conceive as a human.” -Jarrett B.




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*Master-E is available to Network Practitioners who are NSA Part 2 certified or have successfully passed the NetworkSpinal® Awaken Care Written Proficiency Exam.

*Exams are available at the upcoming Awaken Care Experience.