ULTIMATUM: The Journey For A New Humanity

July 30 – August 6, 2021

Denver, Colorado

“I wanted to share how amazing work has been since I returned from The Ultimatum.
I work in about 40 different nursing homes, assisted livings, memory care facilities. I have been to 7 different nursing homes and assisted livings since the event and it is incredible. Everyone is lit up! They used to have no expressions and wouldn’t really respond to anything. Now they are all smiling.. huge smiles. One woman said “I feel so happy, it feels like Christmas morning” woah! Another woman contracted in a Gerichair busted out laughing with a huge smile and had waves of laughter! Another woman who can’t talk or respond to questions started beautifully singing to music I had playing on my phone… woah! The dementia patients were all following me down the hall telling me how much they love me.
Instead of asking the nurses and aides to help bring patients to me, I had to ask them to distract the patients and keep them all out of the room so I could see 1 patient at a time . The men are looking at me with infatuation. The more independent assisted living patients kept telling me they are so happy I am here and it’s the best day ever when I come… woah.
I had administration coming up to me saying they had to meet me after hearing all of the patients raving about how happy they are that I am there to see them… woah . Even hospice patients contracted in bed have huge smiles and laughter. I see all of their beautiful souls a new way. This is so much fun!
Thank you so much Donny and Jackie for helping me to see this “

Tracy R