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Watch the Documentary

See the Film created by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Topaz Adizes, and The Skin Deep


PRESENCE is part of their Threshold Series, where they “share films, fiction + documentary, which explore the threshold of the human experience: pushing the edge of our understanding and comfort zone of what it means to be a human being in this day and age.”


It shows their artistic vision of the experience of The Gate (see Participate for more), our weekend event where the energies of your body and the field unite to create new possibilities for life.




Wondering what was happening with the people in the film?!?



Abundant energy is available for your body and your life.


Join us at The Gate. Find a Doctor that offers Network care near you. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities!


More questions…

Q. Is it Network Spinal Analysis or “Network” that is being done at The Gate? Is this chiropractic? Is this the same as my chiropractor offers in their office?


A. “Network” is a spine based life enhancing natural healing method practiced in chiropractic doctor’s offices delivering extraordinary results for upgrading the nervous system. The increase in energy efficiency and liberation of healing potential expands beyond ordinarily expected health care outcomes.While utilizing elements of what is done in a Network doctor’s office, The Gate provides a celebratory educational program, further advancing the experience of your unique spinal healing wave and personally getting to know each of the energies, intelligences and stages that make your extraordinary healing and living an obtainable and sustainable reality.