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AlchemE Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Donny Share About the 1 Week Re-Opening of AlchemE Enrollment!

Q. What is the deadline for enrolling in AlchemE? When does it begin?

Registration is open through midnight February 24, 2019. AlchemE begins on February 26, 2019!

Q. What makes AlchemE a must?

A full YEAR with Donny Epstein.
He is making available for you, the profound personal energetic skills, strategies, and awareness that create magical impact in your life and for humanity. Sounds big? Yes, it is. Maybe it should be called "practical" AlchemE, because you will be able to directly apply and experience a whole new reality. Never before has Donny offered this intimate view behind the curtain, revealing the secret behind the secret. And it's all available for you. AlchemE combines freshly produced content delivered to you, LIVE events and interactions that will blow you away, and a trailblazing community, that will bring you HOME. 

Q. Is AlchemE an online course?

AlchemE is a hybrid course which combines the best of in-person LIVE events with Donny Epstein, and distance online and interactive learning with Donny. The year-long experience also integrates exclusive participant forums and small pod group activities to provide maximum integration of program content and an extraordinary experience for AlchemE participants.

Q. What are the dates of the AlchemE LIVE experiences?

The date for the two AlchemE LIVE experiences are August 23-25, 2019 (23-26 for MOST) and November 22-24, 2019 (22-25 for MOST). Exact times to be announced.

Q. When is the AlchemE MOST LIVE Exchange Event?

This special Donny Exchange event designed exclusively for AlchemE MOST Participants will happen in January 2020.

Q. Can I participate in the AlchemE LIVE events only?

The AlchemE LIVE events are only available for AlchemE participants.

Q. Are the AlchemE LIVE events in the U.S?

Yes, the AlchemE LIVE experiences will take place in the Denver, Colorado USA area.

Q. If I have never participated in an EpiEnergetics Experience can I participate in AlchemE without having prior experience?

Absolutely! The only pre-requisite for participation is that you are a seeker. You want to master your energetics in your day to day living and interacting with the world to be more and share more. You want to dream bigger and make more impact in the world. Maybe you are hearing a calling towards more. If this is you, AlchemE awaits.

Q. What is the amount of time required to participate in AlchemE?

In addition to attending the LIVE events, participants should expect to spend 5-8 hours each month watching and listening to exclusive AlchemE content. Participants will also had regular small group pod work which also be time determined by each pod during the month.

Q. What is a "Weme"?

A weme is an an element of a culture that may be considered to be passed from person to person by energetic means. Wemes are to culture what genes are to life. We use this in AlchemE as the EpiEnergetics word for the units of exploration and experience during the program.

Q. What should I expect in each Weme?

In each Weme, you receive digital content for you to participate with during the month. Some of this will be on your own to watch and explore, and some will be for you to consider with your pod (more on this below). You will be able to access this content from your computer, tablet or phone, at your convenience and easily accessible for you via the internet. All of the Wemes, will be filled with practical exercises and explorations for you to expand your possibilities in sometimes raw, and always real and beautiful ways. In the Weme Orientation, you will receive a full outline of AlchemE, and what to expect each month.

Q. What will the content of the Wemes be…what will I learn?

Some of the AlchemE Weme content that you will experience will include:

Mastering Your EpiField – The Secret to Manifestation
Developing a relationship with your personal cloud of information and manifestation, in your life and impact with others.

Claiming Your Energy State 
Your real E-state seals the deal on the difference between experiencing a circumstance as a problem, collapse, loss, or status quo and a challenge, solution, opportunity, gift, progress, synergy or awakening

Radical Energizing Change from the Inside and Out
There are two ways we process information and energy which impacts every aspect of our life and interactions. Learn how to instantly increase your available energy level, by simply shifting this focus.

The Powerof Multiple Perspectives
Your consciousness impacts your quality of life in direct relationship to the amount of simultaneous perspectives you can hold. When you add knowing the types and energies these perspectives hold you get unbridled manifestation. Learn to use these strategies to shift realities.

Reality Rules of Engagement
Multiple dimensions exist in the same space, with most of the higher ones being invisible to us. They influence our experience in the visible world, and how time and space is experienced. Experience the mind and reality bending possibilities of applying new rules to reality for the results that are searching for you.

Pain Integration Experience (PIE)
Discover the relationship of the types of pain you experience, and what it means about your life. Pain invites an opportunity for change. Instead of looking to eliminate pain, a life interruption, you must develop a relationship with the missing or ineffective energetic behind the pain. Most people within only a few moments, even with intense and chronic pain, can find that the pain itself disappears. In its place is greater resourcefulness and wisdom can be found about your life.

Your Energetic Board of Directors
Behind everything in your life there is an energetic board of directors that is really calling the shots and influencing your life decisions, actions and outcomes. The single biggest myth about these directors – there is nothing “I” can do about it. There is always something you can do to impact the field and to engage and support you and your extraordinary new life.

Your Personal Energetic Success Strategy Revealed
How you create pain and how you create gain has a unique recipe in your life. Explore the factors that create your nature and the nature of others to create a radically new success strategy for life, business and relationships.

Energetiquette – The Conscious and Responsible Use of Energy
Master the secrets to the conscious us of energy and information to create the extraordinary. Learn how Donny uses and calls the elements of the field to manifest, create and bring greater contribution and manifestation to the world.

I Know Who I Am, I Know Why I’m Here…Creating Ever Increasing Extraordinary
It is time to set Extraordinary as your new standard and carry that forward in the world. Develop the needed skills and awareness to be a torch bearer for a new tier of human consciousness, and inspire your legacy through living through your authentic energetic signature.

…and so much MORE!

Q. What do I need for the online content?

AlchemE content is accessible through virtually any internet enabled device –computer, tablet or phone. AlchemE participants have access to the a private members content platform for easy and integrated delivery direct to you wherever you want to view and access the content.

Q. What will happen during the LIVE programs?

Donny Epstein has created new and unique AlchemE LIVE experience programs which have never been offered before anywhere. Combining interactive processes, advanced integrated learning methodologies and Donny’s unique know-how to create profound and instantaneous change, participants will learn how to exemplify the AlchemE strategies to create sheer magic in their lives.

Q. How does AlchemE compare with Donny's ULTIMATUM experience?

Q. Can I still sign up for AlchemE MOST?

AlchemE Most is currently WAITLISTED. We are actively reviewing applications for the last spots remaining to participate in AlchemE MOST. The program will be sold-out so be sure to submit your application right away to be considered for the MOST program.

Q. Does EpiEnergetics offer financing for AlchemE?

There are payment options to be able to pay for the course, based on monthly payments. For more information, contact the EpiEnergetics Institute at +1 (303) 678-8086.

Q. What if I have more questions?

How do I enroll?!?