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Energy is the basis of what we think, feel, and manifest.


Through knowing your energetic nature and applying skills of EpiEnergetics, you can tap into resources formerly unavailable to you. With more energy available, even with circumstances and relationships unchanged, what has been bound can be liberated and that which is already unbound is more readily available to us.

You want a more real experience than the ordinary and can, at an extraordinary level, experience the energies that shape your experience of reality. On some level you have always known this was possible. Now it can be your reality…a reality that impacts us all.

Our experiential learning opportunities are designed to pull the curtain back — revealing the next level for what is possible for you and humanity. What massive impacts will your newly-heightened energy make in the world?



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One Year with Donny Epstein 
Accessing the Magical Energies of Life


THE GATE + ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE in one extraordinary weekend!

February 15-18, 2019 – Denver, CO


February 15-17, 2019 – Denver, CO

April 5-7, 2019 – Varese, Italy

At this hallmark EpiEnergetics community gathering you will develop, experience, and explore your unique spinal wave that awakens, enlivens, and heals. Non-authentic nervous system and spinal patterns are replaced by your authentic healing signature. Experience the 12 Stages of Healing coupled with extraordinary awakening. Formerly exclusively available to those actively in NetworkSpinal Care, this program is now also available for seekers wanting to discover the sheer magic of the body’s wisdom and life’s unfolding! This weekend is a MUST for seekers to know, understand, and optimize their bodies and the organizing energies that fuel us all. More than seventy thousand participants from six continents have come through The Gate. See you on the other side!


February 18, 2019 – Denver, CO

An extraordinary life is initiated by extraordinary experiencing. Experience personally and collectively each of the energies of creation and the Energetic Intelligences that – like a magnet near iron filings – line up your body and life. Learn how to participate in the energetics of your personal and the collective EpiField in this raw and real group experience. It is both an entry level offering, and ever deepening opportunity for refreshers wanting to profoundly experience the Energetic Influencers, known as the Survivor, Reactor, Thinker, Optimizer, Illuminator and Weaver. Guided by Donny Epstein, you will experience the vocabulary of the ranges of energies available in and through your EpiField. Gain real-time awareness of how these dynamics instantly influence those around you and the collective EpiFields of humanity.

AWEAwaken with Donny Epstein at this next-level experience for the seeker enthusiast!

Upcoming Dates TBA

For Seekers wishing to hack the energetic code of your incarnation. You can be part of an intimate group that will experience EpiExchange, an energetic method created and exclusively provided by Donny Epstein.

Through talks, exercises and table sessions we will go beyond experiencing energy in the field and actually begin to form personal Energy Houses in the fields of attendees! 

At AWE, by helping link the forces of creation through your field, you will actually experience EpiField Exchange. Beyond change or personal development you can exchange your organizing EpiField and be a higher, more congruent, more authentic and effective version of YOU.

You will forever alter your concepts of what is possible at this life-changing weekend of AWE.

AWaken to ParadiseJoin Donny Epstein in Paradise!

Upcoming Dates TBA

The experience for those who want MORE then AWE. 

More insights, more depth, more congruence, and more EpiExchange sessions perfectly blended with more relaxation time, more community fun and more culinary delight in one of the most beautiful locations yet!


March 17-24, 2019 – Denver, CO

This is the profound, intimate bootcamp for Seekers who must experience and understand the energetic signature that dictates their experience of reality and conscious manifestation.  For Seekers who wish to be the Exchange that is possible for this next tier of humanity, ULTIMATUM continues beyond the AWE program with increasingly refined table sessions and a deepening level of learning. You will get to know your optimal EpiLiving sustainable personalized strategies. Spend morning ‘til late night personally with Donny Epstein.

Our week together features raw, real, and beautiful talks, interactive processes with Donny, and further exploration of your personal energetic strategies and nature in your own “pod” group of fellow attendees. You will develop personal experience with the second tier of consciousness in a unique process and experience shift in your reality. This program is a play-full-out, live-full-out week that shatters any concept that life is happening to you. Instead you understand how you are guided, why your life has been exactly the way it has, and the magic you can now access for you and for all of humanity.


NetworkSpinal Learning Experiences
for Doctors/Practitioners and Students


Join World-Class Mentors and Community

Discover Care

Experience and Practicum

In Discover the individual has learned to move away from painful experiences using conditioned defense strategies that block further growth and healing. Level One and Level Two A of Network Care are explored with the objective to enhance greater spinal and somatic awareness while establishing new levels of spinal and neural integrity and self regulation of vertebral subluxations.

Transform Care

Experience and Practicum

Transform Care advances the self-organizing capacity of the Central Nervous System. Through the self-regulation of spinal sensory motor distortions, specific vertebral oscillation and development of the unique Network “reorganizational” healing wave, a stress busting response and greater personal healing empowerment evolves.

Awaken Care

Experience and Practicum

Awaken Care takes those you serve beyond the concept of wellness. By accessing the transpersonal or spiritual aspect of healing through advancing an additional spinal oscillator in the thoracic spine and heart a new property of the human nervous system evolves. Experience what beingness and coherence mean through a variety of lenses, and their impact upon clinical applications and outcomes!


In this year-long Intensive, Donny Epstein articulates the depth of wisdom, extraordinary academic understanding and his skills in caring for people that are beyond anything you thought possible – with results that have never before been so profound, rapid or sustainable.


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