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You have an inkling.

A knowing. Maybe even a calling to more. That your life, your body, your relationships, your experiences, can be more.

How do you access that MORE?

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When you have more available energy and resourcefulness, life happens for you…and then you happen for life.

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Combine Sacred Principles with Modern Science
There are principles of how life and experiences are manifested that have existed across cultures, traditions, sources of ancient wisdom, and around the globe. Scientific tools are also enhancing our exploration of how energy and information function — from the vast universe to the space between and within the cells of our bodies.

Here’s what we know: when we follow these principles, life unfolds effortlessly. What we call miracles are actually part of our natural state. We feel like we are in the flow, being our most authentic, energized selves. When we are not following these principles, there is effort, excuses, and often breakdown.

EpiEnergetics gives you the no-longer-secret sauce to recognize these sacred and scientific principles and the wisdom to know how to use them everyday.

Grow What Works Consistent with Your Authentic Nature
We all know what it’s like when we’re in the groove…even if just for moments. When life feels effortless, we are using our energized, unconscious skills for creating and manifesting. And we use different strategies for thriving than we use for surviving.

EpiEnergetics shows you how to make those natural skills conscious. Access to your energetic resources will be available, abundant, and in tune with the unique signature or algorithm of who you are. When you apply the right energy congruent with your nature, everything blossoms.

Harness the Power of the Field and the Invisible Forces that Shape Reality
There is a space or field between us all. Scientists used to believe that the universe is made of atoms. Now we understand that it’s a field of energy and information…and consciousness. We are aware of the field, even if we don’t know we are. We experience this when we walk into a room of people. We can instantly sense whether there is tension lingering after a disagreement or a jovial mood after a win.

Our bodies, especially our nervous systems, are the interface with the field. We have the ability to influence the field and be influenced by it. It shapes our lives, our bodies, our experiences, our relationships, as we shape it. The field is where magic, science, and the sacred meet.

EpiEnergetics hacks the field so that you can master its potential for yourself and to make a bigger difference in the world. You will know your formula for harnessing the invisible forces that shape existence!


What aspect of your life, body, relationships needs attention? What must be upgraded? Is there a whisper or relentless shout calling you to more?


Access and apply energetic strategies specifically designed to create transformation. We will help you.


Experience your new possibilities. Your life with more. Celebrate. And then, inevitably, the Seeker will likely ask “what’s next?” We’re here for the next, too.


You are capable of healing that goes far beyond ordinary health care.


Ordinary strategies and treatment aim to restore you to the way you used to be. We help you reorganize. Your body’s formerly-blocked energy and wisdom will be liberated, bringing you extraordinary levels of healing for your body and life.

As you access more of the energy available to you for healing, you will experience:

  • greater function
  • naturally-occurring shifts in meanings about your body and life
  • different ways of being and interacting with the world
  • healthier choices
  • more extraordinary quality of life
  • an abundance of energy able to fuel your dreams and empower others

EpiHealing is where your healthy body, personal development, and spiritual impact converge.


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You will learn to master the energetics of life itself.


Pure awareness of your authentic nature and access to the organizing forces of creation lead to extraordinary ways of living. On this adventure, you will know your unique formulas and strategies for how you can live your most energized version.

By shifting your use of energy to be more congruent with who you really are, you can immediately change and influence:

  • your interactions and experiences
  • the thoughts you think
  • the emotions you feel
  • the actions you take
  • your vitality and zest
  • your spiritual connection
  • what you can manifest in life…

…Effortlessly. Often without the need to change relationships, jobs, or even circumstances. We are all more than any circumstance.

EpiLiving infuses the magic behind everything into your daily life, bringing possibilities that were beyond imagination. Until now.


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The Seeker’s Adventure is Raw, Real, and Beautiful.

What happens when part of your life or body doesn’t feel so beautiful?

The Meaning (and Gift) of Pain

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