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An Invitation for Chiropractors/Network Practitioners and Chiropractic Students
to Explore How You Can Bring the Most Effortless, Evolved
Version of Network to the People You Serve
and the Greater Global Community!

with Donny Epstein

Key Elements That Fuel NetworkSpinal


Focusing on the Spinal Gateway with Energetically Efficient and Sustainable Change Being the Priority

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unique nature

Providing Personalized Healing Journeys

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network wave

Refining and Accelerating the Capacity of the Wave

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Experiencing Healing Awareness and Education Through Experience

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NetworkSpinal in Action

Why This Matters for 
the Field, our Community,
and the Public

We upgrade our phones, computers, applications. It is time to upgrade the energy and information highway and create new means of experiencing and responding to rapidly changing personal, relationship, business and community energetics and dynamics. Advanced methods of healing that initiate higher levels of information, bandwith and energy is required for us to make the jump from where we are to where we must be at this critical time in human history. 

In the next tier of human experience, we are all being called to experience and respond to rapidly changing paradigms in health, relationships, gender, environment, economy, social and political systems. To do this we must raise the bar on what a healthy human nervous system, information and energy systems are. We must hack the current reality barrier to potentiate a new way of seeing and responding in the world, a way that goes way beyond wellness or the "me"…to a more vital and collaborative "we". 

NetworkSpinal is a tool to help make this jump to what is being required of us individually and collectively in a healthy and connected way to potentiate healing of the individual and the field that connects us all. We can be a part of healing and living systems that are the next levels of disruptive technologies that provide for direct experience and participation with the organizing forces and energies of life, guiding us to a collective, healthier MORE. It is the backbone of the shift that is happening in the word.   

Network 3.0 is about Congruence. Coherence. Sustainabity. Ecological value for the individual's use of energy. Commitment to evolving standards. Growing the field together. The public will know that they will be receiving MORE from a community of dedicated practitioners, consistent with what is possible for humanity.

the evolution of network is a part of
what is happening around the world

The shift to EpiEnergetics as a central principle for how all systems organize, transform and evolve, and how specifically it applies to expanding models and extraordinary outcomes of healing is part of a larger shift happening globally. Jim Turner, renown  next-tier-of-consciousness political strategist and consumer advocate attorney,  and Donny Epstein dialogue about the greater context of how coherence is critical as we move into the next tier of consciousness….and much MORE!

Learn about Jim Turner’s mentoring of Donny over three decades in preparation for these shifts. Possibilities now exist for individuals and humanity that are reflective of energetic and consciousness shifts that are happening. You will understand the whys of the movement into EpiEnergetics, EpiHealing and NetworkSpinal and more.

Enjoy the conversation via video with captions or simple audio…

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