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Healing beyond what seems possible

All healing involves a spontaneous, organic and effortless change in the meaning and experiencing of your bodymind and life! EpiHealing increases your personal relationship to the energies and wisdoms that heal your body and life.

It helps you energize and create greater impact upon yourself and others. Your perceptions, behaviors and structures and results are enhanced.

This energetic abundance and vitality flows into the space between you and those around you. EpiHealing is about you, your relationships with others, your new lease on bigger and more fulfilled healing and living, and the experience of finally coming HOME!

What is EpiHealing?

EpiHealing looks at your healing rhythms and collaborates with you…putting you back where you belong, in the driver’s seat. You discover the magic and profundity of your healing resourcefulness and how it takes your life to increasing higher levels.

Energy is the basis of life. Our quality of body, life, emotions, thoughts, actions, and our spiritual experience of each require a larger amount and type of energy. 

With less available energy your own intelligences, through your personal organizing wisdom, cannot manifest healthy cells, mind, and life. Breakdown occurs with less energy as you seek less in life.  You seek to control or minimize your environment instead of enhancing your authentic extraordinary nature.

As more energy becomes available you thrive and reach higher levels of integrated or coherent expression of health and life. You go beyond most concepts of healing, become more resourceful and impact your environment and others too. The space between us, the “field” or “cloud”, can now influence synergy with others. One person’s healing and living MORE inspires others.

EpiHealing has been developed based upon decades of academic research and extraordinary healing results. Click here for research through EpiEnergetics Foundation.  It links leading edge science, body-mind-spirit understandings and applications with centuries old spiritual wisdom. Leading the way with advancement in patient care, it enhances beingness and energy-efficient living. 

EpiHealing considers the bio, emotional, mental and spiritual organizing intelligences. Your inborn organizing wisdom animates, motivates, heals, coordinates, transforms, and awakens your cells, organs body mind and spirit. 

EpiHealing practitoners discover and integrate your personalized healing strategies consistent with your own unique way of using energy to fuel your organizing wisdom, health and life. 




Now, what is EpiHealing
REALLY about?

Core Principles of EpiHealing

Be More

You are more than your condition. Rather than restoring you to the way “you used to be”, EpiHealing helps you participate more fully in life, no longer defined by illness and prior limits. Efficient, impactful strategies support more advanced function. Many of your prior concerns (and the energetics that supported them) are replaced by a more authentic, upgraded, and vital you.

Liberate Energy

Your body has a fascinating ability! When the body perceives an experience as difficult to handle or overwhelming, the information is fragmented, and its resonance is stored by the body and the field around us. Over time, this defense strategy requires more and more energy to maintain and can compromise your body and mind, resulting in illness. With EpiHealing, the previously bound-up energy becomes integrated and available for healing yourself and liberated in the field to inspire others. What was a wound can become a gift.

Symptoms and Disease are Calls for More

Symptoms and disease are a call for an upgrade. They are meant to interrupt your life and help you learn about how you do you, and what your body and life require. Your body's wisdom is requesting that you take time out from your usual way of using energy and information and the way you do life. All symptoms and disease have as a vital component the need to use energy more effectively –  so your organizing intelligences can create more resourceful strategies for organizing the structures, behaviors  and perceptions of your body, your life and the way you impact others.

Featured EpiHealing Method:

Your body can activate its own authentic healing signature

Through a system of precise gentle touch, a personalized spinal healing wave develops that is as unique as one’s fingerprint. This wave and development of specific “Spinal Gateways” suspend unhealthy patterns and allow the body to reach new levels of energy and information efficiency.

Greater coherence in the body and nervous system liberates potential for experiencing MORE in life

NetworkSpinal is the latest evolution of over 30 years of refinement by “Network” creator, Dr. Donny Epstein. Based on research conducted by major universities, this approach is offered by Doctors of Chiropractic who are committed to helping upgrade your operating system so you can experience profound levels of healing.

For NetworkSpinal Practitioners and Students

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