AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Is there an area of your life that requires more resources? Is your comfort zone too small? Are you ready to choose more in life?

    Cathrine’s passion is to help you become aware of the energetics you are using in life and exchange you into a more energy efficient version of yourself. It’s about how you can be in charge of your life instead of allowing the circumstances and the culture in our society control you. Cathrine connects you with your purpose in life and how you truly can impact others. You will notice that you think, feel and act differently, that you attract different people and things in your life and that you observe your circumstances with more resources.

    Cathrine has 10 years experience with advising management groups in large organizations. She has had different HR roles in Accenture and Visma, latest as HR Director for a company in Visma. She holds a Masters of Human Resources from University of Sydney. In addition to offering Mentor sessions at two Chiropractor Clinics in Norway, she is seeing clients on Zoom. Looking forward to hearing from you via phone or email.