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  • Profile: What if you could effortlessly upgrade your entire experience of life?
    What would that mean to you and all the people you're connected with?

    I'm Michael Edge and I always wanted to know and experience more. I've always been curious about how the Universe works and what forces guide creation. I am a Seeker.

    If you're here then I assume you're a Seeker too?

    In 2017 I met Donny Epstein, from that moment everything changed. He introduced me to the techniques of EpiEnergetics which directly impacted every aspect of my life.

    At the time I had significant challenges in my life: my intimate relationship, my business, my finances, even the way I perceived myself in the world. Going through a divorce, many areas of life felt like they were collapsing and hopeless.

    Donny helped me in both one-to-one and group sessions and shifted my energetic identity resulting in significant upgrades to all areas of life. Business started to boom, finances became abundant, relationships felt richer and exciting again, my health and vitality sky-rocketed!

    These changes were profound, effortless and instant.

    In 2020 Donny began teaching a new technique he developed called AlchemE to a small group of people who wanted to experience even more in life.

    The timing was perfect. As the world closed down for Covid people found it hard to attend in-person sessions. Unlike in-person, AlchemE can happen over Zoom and can be anywhere in the world.

    I signed up for the 1 year AlchemE course. When that was complete I continued onto the AlchemE Mentor course and received my Mentor certificate in January 2023. SInce then I have continued to study with Donny as one of a small group of practicing AlchemE Mentors.

    There is only one Donny Epstein in the world and he has very limited availability, so Donny shared his incredible skills with this group of AlchemE Mentors so we could help more people reach their true life potential.

    Through the AlchemE Mentors, this technique is available to you, and is available right now if you are feeling stuck in life or are called for more.

    As a practicing Mentor I would be honored to serve you if you are seeking a more extraordinary experience of life or feel you can be more and give more.

    What should you expect?
    An AlchemE Mentor session is a one-to-one conversation between you and I carried out online over Zoom. It usually lasts an hour or less. It's confidential and non-judgmental. We will uncover what's needed together, focusing on the energetics that are guiding you, so that you instantly begin to experience an upgraded version of yourself and a more extraordinary reality.

    You can book find out more and book our first introductory session by heading to:

    I'm currently based in Dubai (originally from the UK), I speak English and work with clients wherever they are located around the world.

    I look forward to serving you soon,

    Michael Edge
    @michaeledge (Instagram)