What People Are Saying . . .

Just when you thought life couldn’t be more…. more rich, more alive, more beautiful, more than you ever thought possible… AlchemE invites you to experience MORE. What I have loved about this experience is that it has allowed light to shine upon my life that reaches all that I am connected to, all of who I am, all of who I am called to be.  This has impacted EVERY area of my life in the most outrageous and profound ways.  I am truly grateful for this experience and cannot wait to experience this again!

-Jeannie K. (AlchemE AMPED)

Armelle Six (AlchemE)

My world has completely shifted and reality has a whole new meaning. This is THE event to attend if you are being called for MORE!

Kelly G. (AlchemE AMPED)

Richard B. (AlchemE)

I feel UNITY beyond time and space, how IMPORTANT my contribution is, how each of us rewrites His-story as we each and collectively claim MORE, and better still, create the Best Future imaginable. 

Lise P. (AlchemE)

Candace G. (AlchemE)

I feel more connected to the field and to people than possibly ever in my life. I’m so excited for the future. Things are already happening and an amazing new chapter of my life is unfolding. This is going to be so incredible. You are a true inspiration for the level of impact one person connected to so many can make.
So much is already happening.

Kim O. (AlchemE)

A Taste Of A Raw And Real AlchemE Experience

Christina L. (AlchemE)

DONNY!!!!!!!!!  You have completely raised the bar and set the standard for a program that is truly miraculous and magical.

Holly M. (AlchemE Mentor)

It’s like I’m walking around with the keys to the universe and I feel like if I don’t use them they will disappear.  I’ve been answering the rapturous calling of soul to act when called and it’s been incredible.  MAGIC IS EVERYONE, EVERY SPACE, EVERYWHERE!!!!! You have produced something beyond extraordinary that has allowed us all the opportunity to actively participate in LIFE!!!!

Jeannie K. (AlchemE AMPED)

OMG Donny you really outdid yourself. I feel so connected to everyone in AlchemE worldwide and am having such extraordinary experiences. thank you so so much for sharing your gifts with the world.

Tom W. (AlchemE)

Thank you, Donny, for showing us how to connect with the field and create a sacred relationship with it. These are lifelong impactful skills that are priceless. I am so grateful to have been woven into AlchemE.

Dan Z. (AlchemE Mentor)

Relationship and intimacy have been the most impactful for me. It was not my strong point before, and now I feel like it is the strongest of the domains for me.

Jay R. (AlchemE)

AlchemE rocks and I feel so blessed to be here and are grateful that you share it with us.

Aya H. (AlchemE)

I’ve lived my whole life knowing that THIS was real.  This level of knowing and interconnectedness.

Scott F. (AlchemE Mentor)

The Search Starts/Stops Here

You have done personal growth programs, yet still ache for more. Something is still elusive to you, something you know possible yet do not know how to grasp. Invisible forces construct your reality, yet you continue to pursue the visible. Are you ready to open your mind to being something more? The search for personal growth stops here, and a new reality calling you begins and takes off.