Allison Carmany

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  • Profile: You have always known there was more....
    Deep down, you've always felt this tug inside of you that there's more to life than what you're settling for...
    This calling in your cells & DNA that you are capable of MAGIC beyond this world. You have just been waiting to awaken it...
    And you know that once awakened... Mountains move, Doors open, you receive what you want effortlessly...
    Futures shift...
    Generations shift.

    I have always been fascinated with spirituality & energy. In the beginning stages of my career, I traveled to over 7 continents, studying with top level trainers & gurus.

    This endless search led me to Dr. Donald Epstein's teachings, and for the past two decades, I have immersed myself in the world of Epienergetics.

    My passion for being a mentor brings together my 20 year experience studying under Dr. Donald Epstein and coaching thousands of people all over the world to connect to the fullest expression of themselves.

    As an Epienergetics mentor, I am committed to helping you claim the extraordinary in your life and ascend past the society's "cultural field" of the "roles & should's" to gain a great awareness of how energetics are playing into your relationships with your health, money, love and all the crucial areas.

    This goes way beyond the traditional coaching model of fixing, changing or giving someone answers. Beyond concepts, into a more effortless state of being. It enables you to access an entirely new realm of possibilities, shift your energetic frequency, and uplevel the game you're playing.

    As a result of a session, clients have reported an intuitive knowing way beyond the bounds of the mind, an internal sense as to why they are here, a calling to serve at a greater level, more coherence with their true nature, more unbound energy available for creating your life & a deeper connection to the field of oneness & soulfulness.

    A life of liberation, joy, and bliss is available and waiting for you.

    Are you ready to claim it?
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