David Klapman

AlchemE Mentor

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  • Profile: United as seekers, we embark on an extraordinary journey towards transformation. Drawing from my 30-year career as a classical homeopath and special educator, I blend the wisdom of these practices with the visionary teachings of Donny Epstein. At the heart of our exploration is AlchemE mentorship, an approach that effortlessly marries my deep understanding of holistic health and educational nurturing with the energy-rich focus of our future.

    We journey together, illuminating our lives, delving into the extraordinary realms of existence. My extensive experience and the transformative power of AlchemE mentorship coalesce to guide our voyage, facilitating an effortless, yet profound, transformation. Welcome to this unified journey, where the wisdom of the past and the energy of the future meld seamlessly in the transformative power of AlchemE."
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David AlchemEist Brooklyn, NY 11203 United StatesBrooklyn,New York,United States 929 399-9108 [email protected] https://www.alchemeist.com