Jonathan Mozenter

AlchemE Mentor

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  • Profile: Does clarity feel more like a visitor than a reliable partner? Have you studied many paths looking for the one that can connect you to a sense of confidence in your purpose? Does a part of you yearn for certainty and a stronger internal navigation system?

    Look no further.

    As a mentor, speaker, and consultant Jonathan Mozenter is deeply rooted in reverence for how everything in life serves our evolution. Individual and group transformation shines as his biggest passion. In addition to working twenty-five plus years in the field of Change Management and obtaining an MBA from Boston University, Jonathan has also studied with masters and gained experience in numerous esoteric areas including: EpiEnergetics/AlchemE, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Conscious Language, Shadow Work, Chi Energy Cultivation, Integral Theory, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

    His unique blend of these lineages enables participants to be one with their heart and soul. As a spiritual stack-master, Jonathan helps clients weave meaning that both rewrites the past and curates the necessary energy shifts to be guided towards their brightest future. This guidance (known as Gnosis, Buddhahood, Christ Consciousness, or Soul Intelligence in Donny Epstein's work) is at the core of what Jonathan activates in those he serves. After witnessing the life-changing impact of this ability in his own life, Jonathan is committed to sharing this deeper connection to life with the world.
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