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Creation’s CodesIn Action


Donny Epstein is making available for you, the profound personal energetic skills, strategies, and awareness that allow for the creation of his methods and their magical impact on individuals and the field.

We are at the dawn of the next tier of human consciousness. The new possibilities it will offer require novel strategies and skills to most impactfully interface with the fields of energy and consciousness that surrounds us.
In this one year in-depth course of inquiry, Donny will demystify and reveal the AlchemE of creation and the experience of reality. He will show you how to effortlessly connect and direct unseen forces for tremendous contribution and manifestation in the world.
AlchemE will teach you about the sacred relationship between how you observe yourself – emotions, dreams, thoughts, fears, hopes, goals, gifts, relationships, intimacy, achievement, and love – and the impact you have on others. It is designed to help you to explore and practice this energetic mastery in your life.

Donny Explains AlchemE


AlchemE [al-kuh-mee] noun
the seemingly magical process of harnessing the unseen energetic forces of life to effortlessly create the extraordinary.

You want to

Dream BIG and live even BIGGER

Go BEYOND circumstances


You Must

Be READY for the next EVOLUTION in humanity, business, love and relationships

Have EFFORTLESSNESS as a baseline of creation

You Will

EMPOWER others and create MASSIVE collaboration

Impactfully use FREELY-AVAILABLE POTENTIAL and greater resourcefulness

Be a TORCH BEARER for a profound and extraordinary new future


Choose to be a part of the AlchemE Community!


Donny Epstein

Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything…
Visionary. Mentor. Sage. Inventor. Energetic Master. Doctor.
Some call him an Oracle…

“I am really familiar with Donny’s work. Our theories have developed alongside each other. Donny is almost the only person I’ve ever met who I would call a flat-out genius in healing, and I don’t mean just materialistic. I don’t know if I’d call it psychic or pan psychic or just f —–ing weird, but the guy is just unbelievable.”

-Ken Wilber, One of the most widely read and influential American philosophers of our time

“What Donny really does is to figure out how to take the energy fields in your body and around your body – take the intelligence that creates your body – and align it with what may be seen as your true ultimate blueprint. The work he’s done with me and my wife over the years has given us strategies and tools within ourselves, that we can do for ourselves. I use this work regularly. It’s been extraordinary. I can’t thank him enough.”

-Tony Robbins, World Authority on Leadership Psychology and the #1 Life and Business Strategist

“For decades, Donny Epstein has been on a hero’s quest to discover the cosmic essence of what engenders life, propels personal meaning, unleashes the joy of moving toward wholeness, and enables people to manifest their soul’s purpose​ ​​for​ ​giving their greatest gifts to the world. Through EpiEnergetics​​, Donny shares his ultimate discoveries – and his unique methodologies – with all of humanity. I have​ ​personally experienced transformative changes in my life from regularly participating in Donny’s modalities, which systematically coalesce the​ varieties of subtle energy in our holographic universe and then allocates that customized energy to the body/mind – which, for me, has materialized the burning passion and ​the ​​dedicated focus for my life’s work.”

Ralph H. Kilmann, Ph.D., co-developer of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)​ and ​the ​author of Quantum Organizations

A Message from Donny

We are at the cusp of the largest shift in the human experience ever. We are either entering the darkest of dark ages or the most illuminated renaissance. We are all aware of what appears to be chaotic change in all systems in which energy, information and possibilities have been bound up. This is showing up in our economic, political, social, environmental, and personal lives. The unbound potential, the immaterial, and the organizing forces of nature are coordinating this human renaissance, and, we all have influence at this turning point.

Energy and information are at the center of what is happening with the changing of the guards of reality. Collaborative working spaces, the trend for online sharing of music, information and photos representing our lives, and new financial models such as blockchain, Uber, Airbnb, crowd sourcing – and other emerging ways of sharing energy and information – are at the core of this new renaissance.

Using today’s lexicon, I have been evolving the codes between the human experience and reality for more then 40 years. What would it be like to advance your human technology, to be able to access the forces of creation and the organizing wisdom that guides and shapes everything – the electromagnet that takes the iron filings of our lives and organizes them with divine perfection beyond our wildest imaginations?

As it is written in Talmud, we do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are –and this can be our gift.

From interactions at the grocery stores – to business meetings – to the most loving intimate experiences you have with your partner- all are shared energetic experiences. So why is this so amazing to me, and why should you pay attention?

I have realized that most people are trying to change people, circumstances, details or behaviors, when they really need to be observing and focusing on the shared energetic field that connects us. Most people are missing what will be most profound for them in creating greater impact in the world. I have worked with people who have ‘tried everything’ for years to make some kind of change in their life, and as they master their energetic reality they are effortlessly able to make and sustain the change.

I invite you to spend the most profound year of your life experiencing your energetic nature, the powerful forces of creation, manifestation and attraction- consistent with your “soul’s signature”. Learn everyday practices and strategies to optimize the sacred relationship between how you observe the world and the powerful impact you can make on everything your consider real.

AlchemE is for those seekers who know they are here for MORE.
Join me, and an extraordinary community who choose to be the energetic change that must happen in this world.

Beyond personal development, beyond spiritual experience, beyond effort-
AlchemE calls YOU.

With Love Unbound,


The Magic Is Real ™

Discover the Energetic Magic that Guides Everything


Your circumstances do not determine your reality

How the dynamics of your energetic field, impact all relationships and experiences

How to access resources beyond what is commonly thought possible

Ancient spiritual truths laced with modern practical wisdom and applications to effortlessly use in these rapidly changing times

How to move from being role driven to soul driven

Your personal recipes for MORE impact, MORE success, MORE money, and MORE meaning in business.

How to seduce the field of possibility to create the most outrageous everything, surpassing your wildest expectations

How to negotiate turbulent times ahead with grace – and be a torch holder for the next tier of consciousness

The secret of how to make dreams real for yourself and others

Experience as reality the sacred relationship between the YOU observing and what you observe


Change How You Use Energy And Instantly Change Your Life!


Enjoy These Examples

(Y)Our Future is Calling

AlchemE MUST Includes:

12 Months of Exclusive Access to Donny Epstein

2 LIVE AlchemE Experiences with Donny Epstein
AlchemE LIVE #1 – End of 2023 in Denver, CO
AlchemE LIVE #2 – Early 2024 in Denver, CO

Each LIVE event is an AlchemE immersion and experience of the field of manifestation and possibility.

10 AlchemE Wemes with Donny Epstein
Bring Donny and AlchemE to you through these extensive, exploratory units of inquiry streamed to your computer or personal device. This is your opportunity to build upon your current AlchemE foundation and create more discerning levels of experience and understanding.

Monthly ‘LIVE’ Interactives with Donny Epstein
From your front row seat at Zoom calls where Donny interacts with participants, you’ll actively witness the magic of AlchemE. 

Interactives with Donny Epstein via Digital Delivery
Witness the AlchemE content coming alive with Donny as magical AlchemE Weme explorations are sent directly to YOU!

Raw Wisdom with Donny Epstein and Guests
Like a fly on the wall, you’ll be privy to unedited ‘raw’ discussions between Donny and globally recognized experts representing a wide range of areas of interest. Witness the collaborative conversations and how AlchemE principle are implicit within the profound discussions.

Q&A with Donny Epstein
Each month Donny will select and answer questions from AlchemE individuals and pods that are most interesting, practical, or which give the greatest understanding of AlchemE principles and practice. Through the questions shared, the entire community has the pulse of one another and we learn together in witnessing the responses.

AlchemE Online Peer-Group Community
An extraordinary community of Seekers gathering to be, support, and influence the transformation and awakening with the magical energetics of this next tier of humanity. You will be invited to an exclusive online group to be able to connect and discuss.


Each Weme Includes

A Calling – Each Weme begins with Donny’s call to be raw, real and beautiful with the AlchemE content. Calling on the manifesting powers of your energetic reality, Donny presents a prime question and focus for the possibility expanding monthly Weme content. Learning will occur through transmissions involving the higher intelligences and dimensions, the mind and emotions with teaching strategies, interactions with others – and ultimately, through the change in your own personal field. From this you’ll dive into the expansiveness of the content filled with practical strategies for exploring your EpiField™.

Practical Strategies – Wisdom guidance from Donny on how you can better access/navigate the EpiField to more effortlessly manifest and influence in the world. Lessons, strategies and maps downloaded from the master to seamlessly explore and more fully live and celebrate life.

EI-spection – Short for Extro- and Intro-spection, each Weme is filled with experiential self and group learning exercises and explorative questions to most fully integrate the content.

Interactives– Wemes contain ‘live’ Donny interactions or demonstrations with individuals to help illustrate the raw, real and beautiful power of the inquiry.

MORE – The MORE section of each Weme contains additional resources to help expand and contextualize the Weme content for even further exploration of the topics.

Weme Content


Mastering Your EpiField – The Secret to Manifestation

Claiming Your Energy State

Navigating Extraordinary with your EpiWay™

The Power of Multiple Perspectives

The GAP from Humility to Destiny

The Extraordinary Power of Pain

The Sacred Seasons

Your Energetic Influencers™

Your Personal Strategy for Attraction (The Triad of Change™)

Donny’s Personal Recipe for an Extraordinary Life

… and so much MORE!

And… there is always MORE

AlchemE MORE

For those people who want a greater immersion with Donny over the year there is an option for additional exploration and experiencing. In addition to all of the magnificence of the AlchemE experience, you can additionally enroll to receive MORE interaction with Donny tailored towards your unique experiences.

AlchemE MORE includes:
Everything in AlchemE MUST (as described above)

The Next Tier Masculine and Feminine Experience Experience with Donny
Offered exclusively for MORE & MOST participants! Described by attendees as one of the most life changing experiences, Donny explores the sacred relationship of Masculine and Feminine as the collaborative forces of creation.

Extended AlchemE MORE at both LIVE AlchemE Events
AlchemE LIVE #1 – Late 2023 in Denver, CO
AlchemE LIVE #2 – Early 2024 in Denver, CO

At the LIVE AlchemE Experiences, you are invited to participate in an additional special experience with Donny designed specifically for AlchemE MORE participants.

Weekly AlchemE Donny Sparks!
Each week you will receive a special recorded video message from Donny with secret tips and strategies for mastering your energetic EpiField.

Monthly AlchemE Q&A Interactives with Donny
Donny makes himself available to you in this monthly Q&A call to answer questions directly from AlchemE MORE participants. During these calls you can ask any question and Donny will rain wisdom on it for you!

Priority Access to EpiEnergetics Event
During your AlchemE MORE year you will have priority access to EpiEnergetics events including Donny’s EpiExchange Experiences (ULTIMATUM, AWE, The AWE Experience)*.

*Applies as long as registration remains open. Exceptions: clinical trainings and private events.

And… Then There Is MOST!

Reported by ‘MOSTers’ to be the most extraordinary experience yet! Your AlchemE® MOST year offers a truly unique and intimate experience with Donny. AMPED MOST will make the most profound impact on your life, the field and humanity!


Everything in AlchemE MUST and AlchemE MORE as described above.


AlchemE MOST Exclusive LIVE EpiEnergetics Event
This 3rd LIVE event only for AlchemE® MOST participants is a very personalized, exclusive, life altering and global experience of AlchemE® magic. You will receive and share experiential sessions, transmission, and interactives including content from the later wemes, and novel understandings emerging from our collaborative field. (Planned for Spring 2024 with location to be announced.)

Additional  AlchemE Experience at the 1st and 2nd LIVE AlchemE Events
*Following the two LIVE AlchemE® Experiences, you are invited to participate in an exclusive MOST experience where you will even further embody and explore the energetic fields and the powers of manifestation and possibility.

Private Energetic Mentor Sessions with Donny
Donny will work with you individually as an AlchemE® Mentor. This 1-on-1 experience is only offered with private clients and AlchemE® MOST participants. Here the focus is YOU mastering and better integrating AlchemE® through a real time experience. After this 90 minute interactive YOUR destiny will never be the same again!

And… there’s still more!
Additional Exclusive Monthly AlchemE MOST Content from Donny.

**AlchemE MOST is offered for your personal implementation and field impact. By the nature of its offerings, MOST is available to a limited number of participants.

All applications will be reviewed for acceptance by Donny Epstein.

Additional AlchemE Bonuses!

Special Pricing for Couples

Bring AlchemE to your relationship and see the magic unfold

Special Pricing and details listed below!





30 Day Risk Free Guarantee . . .

Test drive AlchemE on us!
Experience it and apply it absolutely RISK FREE.

If you are not satisfied with the outcomes and changes happening, we’ll refund you promptly.

Why we offer this 30 Day Guarantee…
The feedback we continue to receive from AlchemE participants is BEYOND anything Donny has offered before!
Seeing the impact on AlchemE-ists -and the lives of those they touch, we KNOW the importance of sharing this unique and extraordinary life changing experience with YOU. Imagine the gift of Donny Epstein as your Mentor guiding you to access Creation’s Codes in action for results beyond what other methods of personal growth and transformation deliver. With AlchemE you will have the opportunity to finally experience and apply what so many spiritual traditions promise…

This offer is absolutely RISK FREE.
We believe that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.
Imagine yourself a year from now where you are right now.
You know there is MORE. Claim to choose that more NOW!


Once the first person enrolls at the standard rate shown above, their partner (the second person) will receive the pricing shown here. The combined savings are substantial! This applies to married couples and domestic partners.

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