AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Have you always had a knowing? Maybe a sense of whats required for the world or a certain situation? Maybe you have just known things and can't make sense of how other people don't see or get it?

    Like you, I would often sense an outcome or know the vision of what was needed in a situation such as business, relationships, family yet it seemed like I was talking another language, people didn't get it. The desire to make a difference and impact others was so strong but I was making little to no impact in any real sense.

    EpiEnergetics and Donny Epstein have created technologies and real world applications that demystify the unknown, the immaterial worlds, the impulses, senses and allow those that are willing to choose a new way, the ability to live an extraordinary life effortlessly, inspiring and impacting everyone they come into contact with.

    What would it be like if others suddenly just woke up in your presence?

    What would it be like to get a real experience of how we are all connected and your energy directly impacts others?

    What would it be like to live congruently with the energetic forces that guide and manifest effortlessly?

    I would love to explore the energetics of life with you and help connect with whats possible beyond what you think you know.

    Talk soon,