AlchemE Mentor


    When you experience an AlchemE Mentoring session with Dr. Scott Freeman, you’ll access an abundance of energy and an extraordinary new resourcefulness! You will manifest MORE for your entire life! As you become more authentic and real, answers and solutions to any of your challenges will appear effortlessly... as if by magic!

    Maybe you’re seeking more for your relationships or intimate connections.

    Maybe you’re compelled to new victories in business or finance. Perhaps you’re hungry for more vibrant health or awareness of energy.

    Most definitely, you are called, even seduced, to have a greater impact and contribution for the world. To be a beacon lighting the way for others, whether you feel worthy of it or not.

    Despite any of your worry, concerns, anxiety, or doubts...
    Regardless what no longer works or how stuck you feel...
    However much you have failed or felt let down...

    ... you can easily WAKE to a space of more triumph, adventure, community, and resourcefulness! You can exchange from the ordinary to the extraordinary! The magic is indeed real.

    In addition to mentoring with a certified AlchemE Mentor, you’ll also be working with an experienced Network Spinal Chiropractor of 20+ years, and above all, a man with profound caring, courage, and tenacious commitment to YOU receiving the complete package of MORE for your body, mind,
    heart, and soul.

    Contact Dr. Scott today at [email protected] or 714-914-3243. Available both locally for In-Person sessions, and internationally via Zoom.


 Costa Mesa

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Are you a seeker who wants more in this life?
    And what if this life could be virtually effortless?
    What if you could be successful and have great relationships no matter what happened in the past?

    I woke up one morning with sharp, paralyzing pain. This sudden condition I thought would destroy my life became my greatest gift. I healed my body
    without surgery. I knew there was more and answered the calling of AlchemE, “the conscious use of energy and information to create extraordinary,” with Donny Epstein.

    I now experience the energetics of creations codes and the magic of life everyday with curiosity, and fascination.
    I am Randi Maggid and as an AlchemE Mentor, I feel your soul’s essence, and will guide you to experience the magic place where there is more—more of whatever your soul desires! Helping others thrive are my gift and passion.

    I look forward to guiding you to more joy and purpose. Randi Maggid is the author of the award-winning book Beverly Hills Concentration Camp; a healing journey about being the daughter of holocaust survivors. She holds an MSM in Business, a BA in Journalism, and is a certified Breathwork practitioner and Shamanic healer. She has done in-depth study of shamanism of the Andes, North America, Nigeria, and other traditions. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

 Redondo Beach

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Hi there, I'm Daniel Zimmerman. I love to build collaborative, creative relationships with others. Working personally and professionally over a decade with high profile individuals in management and as a certified coach, I found people naturally opened up to me creating a space for real connection and synergy. These raw and real interactions promoted
    dynamic growth and momentum in each of our lives. And now, AlchemE has helped take this to an extraordinary new level.

    I used to be oblivious to what I had to offer the world. A quiet boy growing up, I was raised in the midwest where the cultural field supported pleasantries and sameness. I knew I was unique, but speaking up and standing out was not encouraged there. Feeling a calling for more, I made the big jump to Los Angeles. While this new cultural field allowed me to
    come out of my shell and connect more with people, I couldn’t figure out why life still felt heavy. From my intense desire to live a more authentic, coherent and joyful life, I was eventually introduced to NetworkSpinal and AlchemE.

    I spent the next 3 years with my mentors, Dr. Christopher George and Donny Epstein, which became an expansive journey of multiple energetic programs and experiences.

    Once I realized what drives life are unseen forces that influence our reality, my life completely transformed.

    Since learning about AlchemE and Donny’s other technologies, I have accepted multiple opportunities I would have turned down in the past. I now have a greater understanding and energetic resourcefulness to make things happen! AlchemE has also helped me have more intimate relationships with my friends, family and partner. I am aware that I was put
    on this Earth to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and authenticity and how we can all effectively collaborate and create magic together.

    Seeing the impact that AlchemE had on me and others in my life, I knew I had to bring it to a greater audience which is what called me to sign up for AlchemE Mentor. With my compassion, presence and transparency, we can collaborate and reveal how these unseen forces of life can help to expand your reality!

 West Hollywood

AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: Coming soon!

 Los Angeles