Scott Freeman

AlchemE Mentor

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    When you experience an AlchemE Mentoring session with Dr. Scott Freeman, you’ll access an abundance of energy and an extraordinary new resourcefulness! You will manifest MORE for your entire life! As you become more authentic and real, answers and solutions to any of your challenges will appear effortlessly... as if by magic!

    Maybe you’re seeking more for your relationships or intimate connections.

    Maybe you’re compelled to new victories in business or finance. Perhaps you’re hungry for more vibrant health or awareness of energy.

    Most definitely, you are called, even seduced, to have a greater impact and contribution for the world. To be a beacon lighting the way for others, whether you feel worthy of it or not.

    Despite any of your worry, concerns, anxiety, or doubts...
    Regardless what no longer works or how stuck you feel...
    However much you have failed or felt let down...

    ... you can easily WAKE to a space of more triumph, adventure, community, and resourcefulness! You can exchange from the ordinary to the extraordinary! The magic is indeed real.

    In addition to mentoring with a certified AlchemE Mentor, you’ll also be working with an experienced Network Spinal Chiropractor of 20+ years, and above all, a man with profound caring, courage, and tenacious commitment to YOU receiving the complete package of MORE for your body, mind,
    heart, and soul.

    Contact Dr. Scott today at [email protected] or 714-914-3243. Available both locally for In-Person sessions, and internationally via Zoom.

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1741 Tustin Ave, Apt 15D Costa Mesa, CA United StatesCosta Mesa,California,United States,92627 714-914-3243 [email protected]