AlchemE Mentor

  • Profile: If you are seeking the Extraordinary in life, beyond anything you have experienced so far, if you dream big and want live even bigger, if you want to connect to the energetics of all creation, the universal intelligences of life, if you wish to consciously use these universal forces for instant, effortless manifestation, if you wish to instantly create, manifest, and impact your life and the lives of others in real, constructive, and often seemingly "magical" ways with pure alchemy (AlchemE®), I am here for you and more than excited to serve you. I have personally experienced it, individually and collectively, and successfully practiced, and witnessed it with others - in all areas of life - infinite times.

    I am a highly experienced, passionate AlchemE Mentor, fully committed to integrally serving the various needs of my clients, from multinational companies and organizations, family-owned businesses, political parties to private individuals.

    I gained my Mentor wisdom and knowledge through personal experience, the successful study, procurement, and practice of various approaches as a renowned Business Consultant, Strategist, Mentor and Advisor, and also as an internationally trained Medical Doctor, Chiropractor (specialized in EpiHealing and EpiLiving using NetworkSpinal and EpiIntegrate), Acupuncturist, and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare

    I accrued extensive experience in business leadership, strategy and implementation consulting as well as in personal life-transformation and consciousness enhancement. As a result, and in recognition of some of my visionary contributions, I was conferred with a variety of awards and accolades, including honorary professorships and doctorate degrees.
    I accumulated comprehensive experience, while in leadership positions for both Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte Consulting, in strategic consulting, leadership mastery, business and process reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, e-commerce, change management and knowledge management. I have successfully implemented numerous, innovative, cross-system approaches in a wide range of companies from
    small, family-owned businesses to renowned multinational companies. I have also successfully worked with well-known and recognized international political leaders (presidents, ministers, and royal highnesses), as well as, eminent international political parties.

    I have always been inspired to serve well beyond all of these commonly used successful tools and approaches. EpiEnergetics provided access to what has been my driving inspiration and motivation: the conscious access to the energy of creation (Creation's CodesTM) and how to use this energy of creation to experience and advance the Extraordinary in all domains of life.

    Donny Epstein and EpiEnergetics provide me with the gift to serve my calling, through how I show up and serve, and in everything I do to contribute to the betterment and advancement of individuals and collectively to the world.

    For almost two decades I have passionately studied (to the highest level of mastery) all of Dr. Donald Epstein's groundbreaking (r)evolutionary Reorganizational approaches, and closely work with him as a consultant and CEO of his companies: Wise World Seminars, and EpiEnergetics Institute.

    I fully embody the various reorganizational and EpiEnergetics technologies and applications as the center of my life; and I have personally worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies successfully and impactfully implementing the groundbreaking, (r)- evolutionary EpiEnergetics applications.

    After I successfully mastered all my various educations, academic trainings, and professional experiences I humbly realized that the essence in life, personally and professionally, transcends all scientific knowledge. The core of life is an expression of the energetics of the inherent universal wisdom in all life. Consciously knowing and having access to these forces is the ultimate purpose in life. The integration of both, knowledge and wisdom is the greatest gift in working with people and organizations. I will always relate to you as a friend candidly adding all my wisdom, knowledge and heartfelt experience to positively impact your soul, both personally and professionally, and to humbly support you to connect to the energetics of creation and express your true purpose and essence of your being in life, in business and in your personal life.