Energetic Influencers seek to bring energy to your self organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. All of the major spiritual traditions have written and spoken about wisdoms that create the capacity for survival, emotions, thought, and your spiritual connection to one another and the world. In these short videos, you’ll find the secrets of Creation’s Codes™ for your life in these uncertain times.

Energetic Influencer #6


Here I share about the last of the 6 Energetic Influencers in the various EpiEnergetics® applications …



The Energetic Influencers are means of providing enough energy for each of your 6 Energetic Intelligences. These Intelligences require energy to organize your body, emotions, mind, spirit, your “field” between you and others and your ability to manifest in your life.

Each of my EpiEnergetics methods consider and address a fuller expression of these organizing wisdoms. Below is a list of some of these methods and how the Energetic Influencers are impacted and enlivened.


The Weaver is accessed at the very end of Awaken Care in NetworkSpinal as two Spinal Gateways, driven by the coherence of the heart with the integration of the Illuminator, are rocking in harmony.  The Network Wave passes further forward from the heart, at the surface of the chest,
An embodied awakening emerges beyond individual wellness or a personalized experience. This happens with the development of new spinal and central nervous system strategies organized by the Universal Spirit Energetic Intelligence. These unique NetworkSpinal strategies spontaneously weave others in the field with their energetic spiritual essence. This further awakens the human experience.  

A spontaneous rocking of the shoulders and of the thigh bones in the hip increases the number of “entrained spinal oscillators”.  This activates The Weaver with a knowingness that beyond a separate spiritual experience there is the absolute connection of oneself to the web of humanity, and to life itself.­­­ This connection appears to be wired through one’s expanded sense of the spine, nervous system and field.

From Awaken Care and the influence of The Weaver, the arms or legs now draw free available energy from the field. The legs, hips, arms and shoulders act as antenna. With precise organically created micro-movement one’s individual evolved spinal and spine/heart gateways are linked with the larger energetic and consciousness field of humanity. With this, the gifts of each of the prior Energetic Influencers and their associated Energetic Intelligences are further integrated.

At this height of NetworkSpinal Awaken Care The Weaver is engaged to create missing novel and sustainable embodied body/mind/spinal strategies. This sought after consciousness and coherent field, sometimes referred to as Oneness, is prized in most spiritual disciplines.

This dramatically upgraded human OS strategy is one that becomes available to those with the most refined, energy efficient, healthy, integrated coherent spines and central nervous systems through the precise application of NetworkSpinal Care.


12 Stages of Healing
The Weaver is influenced through Stage 10 (Ascent), Stage 11 (Descent) and Stage 12 (Community).

This is where the Awaken state is moved from a personalized experience of the Soul Energetic Intelligence – a source of massive instability and inspired change – into the experience of service through giving and receiving the gifts of one’s being plus the stability of experiencing one’s connection to the threads of creation and grace.

The Weaver through its energizing of the Universal Spirit Energetic Intelligence humbles us and offers us opportunities to receive everything as a gift, beyond the conscious knowing of how it is a gift. It leads us to the experience of grace and the power of community.

We connect with the energetics beyond the physical 4-dimensional body/mind integrated with the higher dimensions. These energetics reorganize and guide us all.  Effortlessly, this synchronicity magically weaves our lives in a higher order.

The conscious integration of breath, energy and motion for each of these stages with the awareness of the body (SRI) or the field for humanity (EpiIntegrate), provides for the experience, behavior and structures of awakened consciousness.

The super energy richness elevates whomever and whatever we place our attention upon. The SRI and EpiIntegrate exercises for Stage 11 and 12 create a physical link to sharing blessings where there was condemnation and blame. Abundant available energy is shared where it was once bound. The person and field is conditioned for courageous, loving, passionate service between souls and a larger community of beings. Through our conscious awareness and attention we create blessings!  


EpiExchange (EpiX)
The Weaver is energized by the development and conscious awareness of the Fifth Energetic House, the house of Universal Spirit. This is a leap beyond the location of the 4th house of The Illuminator in passionate celebration of the perfection of all of Creation’s Codes™ and the connection of all beings.


The Weaver provides an upgrade to Oneness beyond that of the Illuminator. This is sought after in most spiritual disciplines. As if by magic, individuals are woven in a soulful tapestry of higher purpose and community establishing a new matrix for humanity.

The Weaver is consciously brought into relationship with the prior Energetic Influencers. This awakens soul connections through the multiple time space dimensions to share and receive gifts of our incarnation’s calling.


AlchemE® and AlchemE® Mentor
The Weaver is fueled with the conscious awareness of its position in the energy grid and direct experience of its Super Energy Rich awakening field. AlchemE practice is geared towards celebration of the perfection of our interactions bringing us into conscious humility in service to the Divine.

We expand upon The Illuminator in sharing our gifts awakening the hunger to receive others and circumstances as gifts in waiting. Through the fueled Weaver we naturally acknowledge the gift of life and one another with positive expectancy. We know that grace has made it so.  We experience the shifting of our past and humanity’s future. This is happening within multidimensional emerging worlds. We find ease in connecting into this 4th dimensional reality while helping wounds become gifts and darkness become light in the larger field of humanity

Accountable for our energetics, we are committed to bringing the light for which we and humanity are designed. All of this shared with fascination, tenacity, humility, pride, gratitude, empathy, and lots of humor.