Energetic Influencers seek to bring energy to your self organizing, healing, and manifesting intelligences. All of the major spiritual traditions have written and spoken about wisdoms that create the capacity for survival, emotions, thought, and your spiritual connection to one another and the world. In these short videos, you’ll find the secrets of Creation’s Codes™ for your life in these uncertain times.

Energetic Influencer #2


Here I share about the second of the 6 Energetic Influencers in the various EpiEnergetics® applications …


The Energetic Influencers are means of providing enough energy for each of your 6 Energetic Intelligences. These Intelligences require energy to organize your body, emotions, mind, spirit, your “field” between you and others and your ability to manifest in your life.

Each of my EpiEnergetics methods consider and address a fuller expression of these organizing wisdoms. Below is a list of some of these methods and how the Energetic Influencers are impacted and enlivened.


The Reactor becomes an embodied potential for emotional fuel for changeGentle spinal entrainment contacts are applied slightly deeper and longer at specific Spinal Gateways (access points for reorganization and EpiHealing® ) than for the Survivor.  Potentiating the Energetic Intelligences is a central focus in this integrated care. With newly available emotional energy and formerly bound information, the long muscles, spinal muscles, tendons, and availability of a wider range of emotions and postural reorientation  is manifest, The Emotional Energetic Intelligence also appears to regulate the function of the immune system as part of the emotional response to rapid change in the space around and between us. This enables more motivation for change with the greater flow of information to a more energized spine and Central Nervous System. The ability to respond to change – even before the mind conditions the response, is facilitated by the presence of more emotional muscle with a less hungry Reactor. Life is experienced with more novelty. 


12 Stages of Healing
The Reactor is influenced through Stage Two, Polarity and Stage 3, Stuck in a perspective. Acknowledgement of the experience of polarity, one experience being good and one bad, one right, and one wrong, and the battle for dominance and resignation fuels this Energetic Influencer. Finally, acknowledging with humor that these are all part of you and humanity, allows these energies to come together in you and dissipate the charge in your body and mind. The walls between black and white dissolve and both perspectives can coexist. With a more energized Reactor fueling the Emotional Energetic Intelligence, instead of the hunger or obsession with variety or the immediate expression of emotion before thought, a more coherent emotional experience, expression and capacity to create change is experienced with more energy.

The conscious integration of breath, energy and motion with the awareness of the body (SRI) or the field for humanity (EpiIntgrate ), engages the front of the body. This appears to awaken greater awareness, aliveness, and a reduction of the charge within yourself and the field of humanity. A child like humor and innocence is awakened.


EpiExchange (EpiX)
The Reactor is energized by the development and conscious awareness of the second Energetic House that occurs at Donny Epstein’s EpiExchange Experiences such as AWE and ULTIMATUM . This provides for free and instantly available energy to fulfill the needs of the Emotional Energetic Intelligence. With the Reactor fueled by free energy, there is a greater availability to respond to rapid change in the space between us. When linked to the higher Influencers, the emotions experienced will match the needs of the higher Intelligences. Greater resourcefulness for upcoming change and chaos results.


AlchemE® and AlchemE® Mentor

The Reactor is fueled with a person’s conscious awareness of its position in the energy grid around the body that’s achieved through AlchemE practice. Each place in this grid is in relationship to one’s emotions, thoughts, body, and all areas of life. Knowing and transforming the grid location of the Reactor, the emotions it is expressing and the roles or other aspects of life it is linked to will instantly bring it more energy and a  shift in the emotions and actions we can take. The conscious use of energy fuels the experience and ability to use more optimal emotions and resources for higher purposes in a rapidly changing world.